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Beautiful, Child Support, and Children: Rick Howard Right on the money. Ive been divorced 17 years and I get along with my ex wife better now that when we were married. When we,decided the marriage was over, we sat down, made a list of everything we wanted as far as child support, visitation, etc, went to one lawyer to finalize it and the rest is history. We both agreed not to get into pissing matches in front of the kids, and for the most part it has worked well. The kids know both of us are on the same page when it comes to,them. I wouldn't have it any other way. 17,621 February 12 at 4:16pm Like Reply 300 Replies 4 hrs Patrícia Nóbrega Prado One day I was walking on the sidewalk with my stepson. We saw some little yellow flowers and he picked up 2. One for me and one for his mom. He asked me: Can I take this flower to my mom? And I said: Sure honey. We take it home, put it in a book and when it dries, by the end of your vacation with us you can take it home to your mom. She will love it for sure He gave me the most beautiful smile and we kept walking. His mom doesn't like me, in fact, she hates me. She hates me so much that she lies about me, she tries to destroy my marriage and creates problems between me and my in laws. But despite of that, there is not a single word that comes out of my mouth or action that doesn't show to him that I don't respect her has his mom. Children don't have to suffer because of adults issues Like Reply 13,606 February 13 at 3:40am Edited 407 Replies 6 hrs Ellen Brown When parents can't stay married, it's vital they give their kids permission and opportunity to love the other parent. Just because they're done with each other doesn't mean the kids are. Like Reply 7,149 February 12 at 3:33pm 72 Replies Mandey Troutman I have an amazing ex husband! He is absolutely one of my best friends.. We have 4 kids together and have always spent holidays, birthdays and any other special occasions together. I moved out of state a year and a half ago with my fiancee.. He is also amazing! My ex stays with us when he comes to town to visit... People think it's weird. It may not be ideal, but ALL of us luv those 4 kids more than anything and want nothing more then for them to be happy! That's what it's about! And if him staying with us means more time with our kids, then that's what we'll do! 8,036 February 12 at 5:22pm Like Reply 207 Replies memehumor: Divorced dad goes viral with sweet post about why he still treats his ex-wife with kindness.

memehumor: Divorced dad goes viral with sweet post about why he still treats his ex-wife with kindness.