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Bored, Crazy, and Dude: probably look like 14m Reply leo_the_kid__@angelinag 73 your name says it all.. angeliNAG ..your a bored nag .it's typing on a cellphone not an essay and your not a teacher your a 16 yr old lesbian who's secretly insecure about being a lesbian so you have to make sure everyone knows your a lesbian like every other 16 yr old lesbian. Until you have a degree in grammar fuck off until then tho I'll write you're on a bunch of balls and throw them out you constantly so you can understand how annoying your grammar corrections are..PS I can guarantee l'm much more educated then you are..I just type quickly on phones..l hope you choke on your grapefruit and black coffee your having for breakfast..nerd 13m Reply Holy shit what is wrong with people, this just happened in my comments. This is an adult, who is trying to tell a 16 year old on the internet to choke. Like holy crap dude calm down. Also you keep rambling about how educated you are and your degree in grammar, but you used the wrong form of you're. Seriously people are fucking crazy and getting away with it cause it's the internet, I'm not tolerating that anymore. If I see some fucked up shit in the comments I'm gonna put it out there, cause it's not okay for a grown man to tell a 16 year old to choke and insult their sexuality for having a different opinion I did not sign up for this, I'm trying to post some memes, I really wish everyone in the comments would stop fighting. Why don't people in the compliments ever compliment me each other. Just once I wish I would look in the comments and see something like @ random person I really like your haircut.