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This entire goddamn sub: r/BanPitBulls Filter By Category Other Links For Pit Bull Owners Posts FAQ Research SORT TOP TODAY VIEW Shelters who do this should have their licences REVOKED! Also, insurance companies should demand pictures from their policy holders. i.redd.it/7gn8du.. COMMUNITY DETAILS 169 Posted by u/ImCallingHR 17 hours ago r/BanPitBulls Give Award Save Hide Share Report 11 Comments nsfw So absolutely terrifying. Fixed it for you. Posted by u/Dabbadoo7 8 hours ago .redd.it/vqk8f1... 8.7k 104 Mar 10, 2016 141 Cake Day Online Realists Share +Save Hide Report Give Award 42 Comments A subreddit for discussing the inherent dangers of pit bulls, exposing the pro-pit Pit Lobby In Action Detroit pit bull attacks shine light on owner negligence, enforcement metrotimes.com/detroi... Posted by u/scottswan 1 day ago propaganda lobby, and debunking lies about the supposed "nanny dog". 125 Give Award Share Hide Save Report 11 Comments Why pits don't make great dog park dogs, info in comments JOIN Posted by u/staying_incognito87 20 hours ago 54 Give Award Share Hide CREATE POST Save Report 42 Comments DOG MAULING Mum describes horrifying moment toddler savaged by family dog which clamped her head in its jaws thesun.co.uk/news/u... CL COMMUNITY OPTIONS 55 Pit Fighter Posted by u/PitchMeALiteralTent 1 day ago Share Save Give Award Hide Report 34 Comments WHY DO YOU HATE PIT BULLS??? Why did the CDC stop collecting breed specific information when logging fatal dog attacks? Posted by u/ohbnky 13 hours ago Wondering what this community is all about? Read our FAQ before posting. 50 Save Hide Report Share Give Award 6 Comments Severe Injury That dog would've killed me': Woman attacked by neighbor's pit bull wsoctv.com/news/.. R/BANPITBULLS RULES Pit Fighter Posted by u/PitchMeALiteralTent 22 hours ago 37 Share +Save Give Award Hide Report tps://www.reddit.com/rbantbulls 3 Comments 1 N TIL This entire goddamn sub

This entire goddamn sub