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<p>Fake nudes is my hero now. The great meme war! Fight against CNN via /r/dank_meme <a href="http://ift.tt/2sU2lUn">http://ift.tt/2sU2lUn</a></p>: ooooo Verizon 18:35 Search CNN: Breaking US & World 12+ News, Live Video CNN Interactive Group, Inc.> 1 GET (13,180) Offers Apple Watch App Offers Apple TV App Details Reviews Related republicans, and BLACKMAILING AMERICANS THAT ARE... More The Great Meme War 36h ago by Fake Nudes My Dad was always kind to me. He'd bring me candy from work, and when I got hurt he would take me out for Ice Cream. I loved my dad so much. It killed me when he was diagnosed with cancer. My mom and I cried for days. His final word was "Some." And then he died. With tears in my eyes I shut his eyes and whispered. "Body once told me." A few years later I had grown up, and got my news from a reliable source called CNN. And then the Great Meme War ll started. I volunteered to fight for my memes, and even starred in a movie called "Saving Private HanAssholeSolo." I knew my Dad was proud of me, and my Mom cried tears of joy when I returned. It's now the year 2067 and CNN has been outlawed in every state except for Alabama. They incested on CNN only. We called them fools. Hillary Clinton has harvested the souls of all the potential candidates, and we are too scared to revolt. Please send help CNN is Americas Fake News Organization 20h ago Featured Categories Top Charts Search Updates <p>Fake nudes is my hero now. The great meme war! Fight against CNN via /r/dank_meme <a href="http://ift.tt/2sU2lUn">http://ift.tt/2sU2lUn</a></p>