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Wikipedia is a credible source: Nobody: Wikipedia: Sorry for bad editing Experiment J-7V-TC38 was originally conceived as a mechanical doomsday weapon which could be used to destroy the Nazi military should the war continue and the pathetic Western bourgeoisie pigs failed at destroying the scum of imperialist fascists. The idea was put on hold with the end of the war and the public denouncement by Nikita Khrushchev of former Super-Soviet Joseph "Big Mamma" Stalin, whom had conceptualized the original prototypes and even began working on a functioning model in Joe's Garage. Eventually, the idea of a mechanical dog was scrapped due to advances in American-genetio-saience-that the-U.S.S.Rmanaged-to-steal U.S.S.R genetic science that made for a much more subtle and insidious plan. Khrushchev decided to create a dog which, after a while, would eventually grow to enormous proportions, capable of mass destruction of American military and civilian facilities, weakening the West for a Soviet land invasion. In order to pay tribute to the motherland, Krushchev altered Clifford's genetics so that his fur would produce the same color pigment as his dick. Clifford's collar would also contain a giant EMP device, capable of knocking out American nuclear retaliation (it is also theorized that he had an Ultraman style lazer implanted in his mouth to shoot down said missiles, but this has yet to be confirmed). The dog was finally grown in November of 1967, completed with Red fur and an underlying hammer and sickle tattoo. He was packed away in a box and shipped into the United States covertly by UPS, the collaborative pet-delivery wing of COMintern and the KGB. However, while he was being shipped over, he smashed open the box and trashed the ship, getting rid of some waste on the debris. He swam the rest of the way. Wikipedia is a credible source