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America, Animals, and Be Like: AJ Follow @NCSOX Writer: Editor: "Is it 'firsthand' or 'first hand'?" "Either one is fine." numbers, including some that featurea a bucket and bells prigaae ur p buckets and trash cans with drums sticks and hammer mallets. PHOTO BY JENNIFER STULTZ MENTORING DAY Students get first hand job experience imal Veterinarian Clinic imals. Patton likes all for their business. Stu- kinds of animals and said dents got a tour of the fa she learned a lot from the eility, learned what hap- experience. Watching the pens in an examination, snake eat the mouse im- got to handle various an- pressed her the most. imals and watched snake eat a mouse. Luna said she was in- terested in animal health and wanted to know more about caring for hurt an- experience what it would be like to work at those 40 businesses. They asked questions and got some hands on experience with various operations. Paola Luna of Pratt High School, Gina Pat- ton of Kingman High School and America Fer- nander of St. John chose the Main Street Small An- By Gale Rose grose@prattribune.com Eager students invaded businesses all over Pratt Tuesday, October 24 as they looked for future job opportunities on Disabil ity Mentoring Day. The 97 students from 12 schools fanned out across Pratt and got first hand Fernandez wants to be- come a veterinarían and enjoyed learning every- thing that veterinarians a SEE MENTORING, 6 Hospital Pharmacist for 41 years +4 years Commialoner for Pratt Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals 3 years Pratt City Commission Graduate of Pratt High School and KU School of Pharmacy Past Member and President of Chic Groups and Organizations Experience and Knowledge of Financlal Responsibility and Budgeting Supparts Family Values, Education, and Business Growth Common Sense Appruach for the Sustained Progress of Pratt Meyer ty Commissioner wmimimorrr.com.au Compliance by Freudian-Sips FOLLOW 4 MORE MEMES.