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Anime, Come Over, and Crush: File: Instagram-What-l-do-8tKQXwB9Qz.png (179 KB, 403x388) Anonymous 04/20/19(Sat)22:54:54 No.797886258 This is true story, and it makes me really happy. be me >13 male >no life sitting at home all day playing games and watching anime talk to cute grill she likes anime and overwatch >get phonenumber taht'scool.jpeg we talk a little bit she's very shy >invite over to house yes Spice mp4 she doesn't come dissapointed ff about a year >14 male still sitting inside playing games and watching anime she texts me wishing me happy holidays >thanks i guess wish back sends her ddlc memes start talking more >see danganronpa username >talks more and more >totalweebs.Ink >talk daily for 3 months develp crush start eflirting intesnly >everyone says we should date eventually she texts "love u" >"love u too get first girlfriend We've been together about a little over a month and I'm very happy. File: thumb sad-apu-36099617png (14 KB, 200x232) Anonymous 07/09/19(Tue)15:44:12 No.804244821 This is a continued story, still true. >ff 3 months >relationship strong, cuddles whenever can >familywantstogoonvacation.mov >i don't wanna leave gf behind for 2 weeks >get conviced to go >stay for 2 weeks, tis okay >get back gf is being distant >im being distant >less conversation >keep asking to hang out for cuddles >she says yes eventually but wants other people there >okfine.wav >no cuddles >gf conffesses shes toying with being gay >run to bathroom to cry >leave gf house >next day ask again >hey bb you want to come over for cuddles? >she says "well we're going to that party in like a week we'll see each other then" >annoyed but say okay >realizes she probably doesn't want cuddles anymore >ff to party >the party sucks >try to hug gf but she keeps leaving >b it sitting up or running to the other side of the room >other grill calls her over to lay with her >she leaves me to lie with her >silentanger.mp3 >leave as soon as i can >next day >ask why gf is avoiding cuddles >"anon, i think i'm lesbian" >FUCK >ughhhhhh >fklsdjfkdsjflksdjfsdlf >we break up, but i felt this for a while. felt the decay of her love >she still wants to remain friends >sure I can't sleep in my own bed anymore, it just reminds me of her. I've been forced to distract myself constantly to keep my mind off her, and I hate it. It's getting worse with time. anons life eventually crumbles