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"Cool" energy drink uncle starterpack: JURBOKD DRASON EML DEAO EL DEP 2 ARM ARMY DARKNESS "DUSK "DAWN TILL DEAD BY DAWN POSTAL Ever have one of those days? TWIN PEAKS WELCOMS TWIN PEAKS Pranlstin KUNGTUA MACHETE CRANK MANEORG MATURE YakuzA a WHIPTEIL FIST OF THE NORTH STAR RIKI-OH HARD BOILED SERIOUSOSAM ICHI-KILLER THE STORY OF RICKY Prepare Yeurself for Total Melidown! SOUTH PARK HOBO SHOICUN BIZARRE ASCROLL ADVENTURE ARCHER DUKE NUKEM BIG TROUBLE "Serions Sam is awesune hsa nsplay for the serisis frstrersan shatist s sheern Factory riting on toprof a solid engine. BIG motorhead Levelord, Rinual Entertainment TLE CHINA NEW YORK. FUGITIVE UHUERGOVER COP. NOTING TÔ LOSE TAFOU Inoerl BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 OKIGAVEN Exmilitary NELLU YORK MAX PAYNE Counterintelligence PlayStation.2 PlayStation.2 THENH JOHN WICK RAID METAL GEAR SOLID3 SYSTEMOF A DOWN RESERVOIR DOGS THE NIGHT COMES FORJIS ERUDAT ES:N A KE E ATER VERSUS MORTAL OMBAT DEADPOOL TERRIFIER MATURE WATUR KONAMI UFC AC+DC CAPCOM MEEADETH BOCM QUAKE PANTERA He quis the gange. They kcilled his giri. Ne be came... C) MORTAL KUMBAT SMOTOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON VULGAR DISPLAY OF G0000000 FIVE FINGER Dreadbea AC Death Puncir METALLICA POWER AXE DA NN Bll WARHAMMER 40,000 ENERG Dri REIGN IN BLOOD CYCLES slim Jim BUFFALO BRAD PITT EDWARD NORATON ANTHRAK MATRIX WILD WINGS. SHADOWS WARRIOR CLASSIC JACK LINK'S MONSTER ENERGY ECW RÄW ITING THE I consider this to be a new trope, the "cool" energy drink uncle similiar to the "cool" wine aunt. I am picturing a millenial man that lacks manliness so he seeks out media to hide the fact he lacks testosterone. He spent his teenage and young adult years sometime between 1995 - on most of the media he consumed within that period. He was most likely either a mallgoth or juggalo but deeply regretted it and traded in his trench coat for a leather jacket and sunglasses which he wears everywhere regardless of the situation. He will be attracted low grade exploitation and absurdly violent or gory action films due to it being "badass". He will often mock mainstream sports like football or basketball but take a liking to mainstream "wrestling" organizations like WWE, UFC, ECW, or TNA. He will constantly drink energy drinks such as Monster or Redbull and Four Loko despite the negative health effects both beer and energy drinks have. He will also eat processed meat snacks such as Slim Jims or Jack Link's beef jerky. He lacks any form of manners and constantly farts or burps due to it being "funny", the reality is that he is stuck in a edgy teenboy's mindset who thinks being a douche is cool. He most likely lives in a small apartment or trailer due to low income and not wanting to move back in with his parents. He has no political views except Anarchism which he knows nothing about it or it's leaders besides Fight Club. He clings on mainstream heavy metal music besides Nu-Metal or Metalcore due to them being for "posers" and edgy teenagers, instead he will listen to pre 1990s Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, and Five Finger Death Punch. He most likely smokes or vapes in one of his various attempts to be manly. The honest truth behind the characters such as the "cool" wine aunt or "cool" energy drink uncle is that they are in denial that they couldn't get a relationship. 2007 and still latches OPERATION:MASSENMORD! "Cool" energy drink uncle starterpack