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**F**, I was this close >.<: so this is when ppl introduce themselves. any question for me? HERMIONE Hello.. my names Hermione nice to meet you (used my nickname Marnie on tinder to avoid all the Harry Potter jokes) Sooo, where are you from? ME i give u a hint in a form of a joke nixon: lets pull out of miss me with that gay shit. YOU CHANGED WHEN CHATS ARE SET TO BE DELETED TO 24 HOURS AFTER VIEWING Update in Conversation Settings HERMIONE Ummm you're going to have to explain again Is this from a movie?? Or am I being thick again ahaha ME "Richard Milhous Nixon was an American politician who served as the 37th president of the United States from 1969 until 1974" 1969 1974 HERMIONE Is he pulling out of a place? ME a very big place indeed HERMIONE Is he talking about America ME more like the conflict that America was involving in HERMIONE Okay okay wait the time period There was the Vietnam war?.. МЕ | yea HERMIONE Really?! Wooo Well that took me a while ahaha But I got there in the end ME yea, my name is nam and im from nam HERMIONE Well that's a major coincidence;) ME | yea, who couldnt expect that twist isnt it HERMIONE I should have just read your name and guessed You're fun to talk to. Like those games are interesting ahhaa ME thx u for your service HERMIONE Ahaha my service you practically told me the answers ME nah, thats just thx u in advance. ready to make my night t9? ru HERMIONE I'm ready to make your night Guessing t9 is tonight?.... ME yea 3bun bnes (turn your phone screen face to the mirror to decrypt this msg) HERMIONE Ahaha send nude? Very clever ME yea v ME well, thats the end of my game, for real haha now im waitin for your part TODAY HERMIONE My part? Hmmmm No clue what game l can make that's as good as yours ahaha МЕ i meant send nude pls HERMIONE Ohh ahahaha nicely... jk jk As you asked so **F**, I was this close >.<