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How can guys not like her when she is so sweet and genuine: I'm a 20 year old female and l'm noticing men are becoming more stupid, feminine, and annoying. I'll tell you a story. I really liked this guy and I'm a quiet, sweet, and introverted girl. I'm very soft spoken and I usually avoid people (I hate small talk). So, I rarely open up to people. I thought this guy was a nice young man from a nice family. So l opened up to him, talked to him, and was kind to him. Once I told him I was a virgin he switched on me. He said he was gonna play me for not living 'fast', that he didn't like me, and that he wanted me to go away. I graduated hs and told him l'd leave him alone. Then he called me a female dog and kept trying to argue with me for a year. Him and his friends chase after fake women on IG. He started talking about how he liked his on and off gf cause he thought she was really pretty and she called him cute. The girl only likes him because she likes the attention she gets from him and other men. Because she breaks up with him constantly and talks to other dudes. But he still buys her flowers, take her out for ice cream, is nice to her, etc. The girl isn't even naturally pretty. She's just really good at makeup, filter, photoshop, bleaching her hair extremely blonde, etc. Istarted ignoring men after that because most of them are stupid. They'll chase after fake women who just want to use them for money and attention, but they'll be mean to really genuine girl. Get this, he said he thought I was a sl*t and a gold digger. But the girl he chases after is both. I never talk to multiple men at once and l've never used a man for monev (I've had 3 jobs and l'm pretty sure I How can guys not like her when she is so sweet and genuine

How can guys not like her when she is so sweet and genuine