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Af, Being Alone, and Ass: When you land at pleasant park and ya house aint got no guns and you already hear rockets and gunshots going off outside Fortnite done changed my life. I lost all hope for online gaming and a welcoming gaming community since Mw2. I was lost, alone, and had no squad. All my friends were dead and I felt the pain Lil Uzi was trying to portray in his music. I’m not gonna lie, I was not on the fortnite wave at first until i actually played it when I went over to my little cousin house. This is probably one of the most addicting games. More addicting then crack. They had to have sprinkle some crack into the servers. The first time I picked up a controller I was like “why the fuck is their the magic school bus dropping us off?” Then I see hella people sky diving out. Im like we about to mob on niggas, till i released how ruthless people online are. I use to just skydive as soon as the bus crossed over the map. I would be lumber jacking wood until some ruthless ass mother fucker pulls up with a Gold Scar, Maxed out shield and his homie quick scoping me from 90 meters out in a 5 story apartment complex. I have no chance with this cute little pix axe. I played squad mode with some random. I will never forget you Zelda Girl. She looked like she knew what she was doing so i followed her. Zelda Girl was thiccc af in her camo cargos working that axe for that wood. I seen shorty get sniped by a call of duty try hard from about 200 meters away. how a bitch from Tilted towers pop her from greasy grove? I went over to revive her and gave her my last Med Kid and Shield Juice. That Shield Lean comes in clutch down the stretch when fuck niqqas try to team up on you. I end up finishing the two enemies and I go over to salvage their materials. Just in the nick of Time the storm starts closing in on me. Trying to run from the storm is like dodging child support, you can’t. Once trap by the system it’s over for you. My health on about 14 when I look over to Zelda girl bonk ganging my ass. Storm closing in the bitch pulls out a launch pad and leaves my ass. These hoes not loyal. I died in the storm. Zelda girl if you reading this... bitch I miss you baby come back. I won’t die in the storm no more. I hate to see you go but I love to watch that ass leave 😘