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Apparently, Dad, and Fashion: 110ROGER ZELAZNY 44 your purpose and you had to die. They left us small rights, we should have killed you--and you know it ng you with your life forfeit for attem it my lip. There were many things I might say. But THE HAND OF OBERON something approximating the truth, he did have a point. And I k Shadow physically in a somewhat similar fashion. He lays his min place he would visit, forms a kind of mental doorway, and simp steps through. For that matter, I believe he can sometimes tell what peopl thinking It is almost as if he has himself become some sort of livin these things because I have seen him do them. Near the enc ahen we had him under surveillance in the palace he had eluded us onc is was the time he traveled to the shadow Earth and ha times We did not yet know that he could summon things through Shadov he became aware that you had escaped your confinemen e summoned a horrid beast which attacked Caine, who was then his bood "Eric," he said, "figured that your eyesight might eventhually be knowing the way we regenerate-given time. It was a vety deet he can travel through Shadow with his mind, tha he seeks in Shadow, and then bring it not understand the power that he possesses," he said, "but it i chair locate what anyone's satisfaction-exce a move to sure his own continued reign beyond the t And I wil tell you frankly that he simply wanted to imprion vor an act of will without moving from the chair, and he ca pt for killing you. That would have been tor are "The whose idea was the blinding?" He as silent again for a long while. Then he spoke very sodil on oubls f Bedlam. After his recapture, one of us remained wit me out, please. It was mine, and it may have saved inst you had to be tantamount to death, ot their bet some future time. They could have used your Trump b thi t in the ibary when we brought him back. I which I do not understand re we could, and I did not see him again you, or they could have used it to free you in order to another move against Eric. Blinded, however, there was and you were of no use for an you by taking you out of the picture for a time, and it saved us from a noNot tota egregious act which might one day be held against us. As we saw t, he e once, wealy t totaly, then.," he said no choice. It was the only thing we could do. There could be no Fiona has similar strengths, and I believe Bleys did also. Between th of them, they could apparently annul most of Brand's power while the a case, I wonder how they managed to confine him at all?" ng e th r a time, have in mind Not totlly," I said. "He got a message to Random. In fact, he reache leniency either, or we might be suspected of having some use for gnke though the deteones The moment you assumed any such semblance of value you would hre heWht do you know of all their byplay with me-con a dead man. The most we could do was look the other way wheneve lil me, saving me." Rein contrived to comfort you. That was all that could be done. know of all their byplay with me-confining me, trying That I do not understand," he said, "except that it was part of the pow trugle within their own group. They had had a falling out amongst ther whe, and one side or the other had some use for you. So, naturally, o had ecover your sight that quickly, nor that you would be able to ou did. How did you manage it?" tleeas tying to kill you while the oth d couse, Bleys got the most mileage out of you, in that attack he launched "Does Macy's tell Gimbel's?" I said. shadow Earth, Well hati wWhat Brand told me, but it jibes with all sorts of secon "I said-never mind. What do you know of Brand's imprisommet He regarded me once more. "All I know is that there was some sort of falling out withoide afraid to let him run loose. When we freed him from their compm And you said you feared him enough to to l y now, after all this time, when all of this is history and the plen at tht a he ted again? He was weak, virtually helpless. Wathamk Tla you countenance Fiona in Amber," 1 said. "In fact, you are mo sosy mles id of us all. Pity Dad was always k the particulars. For some reason, Bleys and Fiona were afad d was apparently more afraid of having prisonment-Fiona Courne, he said, smling, "I have always been very fond of Fior ed. literatureandtrees:🌱