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Fucking, Funny, and Shit: Anonymous said: Just go kill yourself Okay. rouge-fox-expanded: all-about-drarry: the-evil-anon1: tolazytomakeagoodname: nightmare-vincent-cosplay: jacksepticeye-imagines: ishipallofthethings: lovetaylorsince1989: serenitymayu: pasta-corps: galaxywarrioress1234: jennstarkid: About a week ago I posted this. I’ve been getting horrible messages like this in my ask for months, including: and my personal favorite After getting the message saying “Just go kill yourself” I was completely done dealing with this person’s horrible messages and replied with just an “Okay.” and logged off tumblr. About a week later I logged back on with 17 messages in my ask, most of them from the anon. I scrolled down and at first when I logged off, the anon messaged me things like I scrolled up more and all of a sudden they started sending me more and more messages like This was extremely surprising to me. I thought “After all those horrible messages you sent to me for MONTHS about hating me and wanting me dead, you say ‘sorry’ and that you ‘cant be responsible for someone’s suicide’?” But I guess the lesson goes like this: DONT TELL ANYONE TO KILL THEMSELVES UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED FOR WHAT MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN DON’T TELL ANYONE TO KILL THEMSELVES EVER. THIS POST IS SO IMPORTANT I WANT EVERYONE ON TUMBLR IN THE WORLD TO SEE IT This needs to be reblogged. I couldn’t scroll past this if I tried, I got a message like that but not for me, it told me to my friend to kill them self, I was livid! I didn’t answer it because a message like that doesn’t deserve an answer but I don’t see what is so funny about telling someone to kill them selves! I really don’t! It’s sick and it’s wrong. This person though, I take my hat off to you. You taught that bully a lesson. this. This will always be number one on the list of things that aren’t okay Ho-ly shit. I’ll never not reblog this If you dare scroll without reblogging this you have no soul…….. i mean you do but reblogging this wont ruin your blog……. please just spread the word. Please people don’t send anon hate your just hurting yourselves… Don’t tell anyone to kill themselves. EVER. A PSA we shouldn’t need, but we do…because some people are fucking horrible