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A Dream, Definitely, and Instagram: THEN NOW [LOL I say "NOW" but TF do I look like that picture] . I haven't always been a PT. A few followers from way back (thank you for sticking around with all my shit) know that I documented my journey from the very first day I quit my job to becoming a Personal Trainer. . I haven't always been into "fitness" or known I was going to become a PT. It wasn't even a idea that I realistically thought I (personally) could ever entertain. I'm not the type of person who likes to "wing" things and I'm definitely not a go-getter. I like stability. I like feeling prepared. I like knowing what's going to happen. I like asking a million stupid questions and overthinking situations. . A lot of people who don't know me very well think I know what I'm doing. That's the thing about fitness people on Instagram, or your confident ballsy instructor... YOU JUST DONT KNOW. I don't know. I literally panic still every day. I have days where I get down about not being productive. I also get down when I am overly productive and then realise on a Sunday night that I've done nothing but work all weekend. . I get nervous before every class I teach. I do more work and longer hours now than I ever did in a "real" job. I stress as much as I did in my "real" job. I am as tired (if not even more) than I was in my "real" job. Would I change it? Absolutely not. Would I ever do anything else? Absolutely not. Do I wish I'd left my job sooner? Absolutely not. My first job taught me everything I needed to learn for my current job as a PT and I would never has guessed it at the time. . I don't have a story. It's not a "I hated my job for ages and I finally took the leap and had courage and was brave blah blah blah story". I didn't hate my job. I just had an overwhelming passion for health & fitness and helping others to feel good about themselves. . I wasn't "brave" for leaving my job or "inspiring". I cringe when someone says it.I was lucky.I had nothing to lose. I have no mortgage. I have no kids. I have no one that depends on me. This isn't the case for everyone. Some people have kids to feed. They're the real inspirations. Those who are desperately hustling to make a dream work. CONT ๐Ÿ”ฝ banthebullshit