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Apparently, Chilis, and Girls: a cat? @lilpochaco FollowV apparently a young woman reported her abuser to her supervisor. the supervisor took that information, spread it, & threw a party to mock her Emily Houser added 2 new photos. 19 hrs This is what you get when you report a grown man for forcing relations on you and and manipulating you as a minor, for over a year, and you report it, I guess. My now former manager told my former coworkers about these allegations that were meant to stay private and they threw a "Fuck Emily Houser" party. The world is a heinous, ugly place. Virgin LTE 3:04 PMM oi 86%-. Virgin LTE 3:04 PML 8 shanano banano Comments shanano banano shanano banano Have your cake and eat hoe #petty danijaay #teamjosh 6h Reply jon-kushhh #teamiosh 15h Reply gummapumma #teamjosh Gh Reply mommykline This is hilarious h Reply kmarie xox Please tell me she can at least see this? Lol 4h Reply d by gummapumma, houserjacob and 20 rs ano b anano Have your cake and eat it too hoe David Hauser Did they have this cake at the restaurant? Like 38 Reply More Yesterday at 18:49 Emily Houser Yes all of this took place in the restaurant. Like 3 Reply More Yesterday at 18:50 a cat? @lilpochaco Follow the restaurant is chili's in whitehall, pa emails can be sent to CHQuestions@qdi.com number to safety & security management is 574-243-6606 RETWEETS LIKES 992 1,033 whatbigotspost: cartnsncreal: Society should protect women And really not even “women” in this case…girls: she was a minor. What the ever loving fuck is wrong with people?