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Clock, Energy, and Family: hammerpower100: This is a Black Sun Orgonite pyramid. This pyramid uses the golden ratio shape, which is mathematically accurate of the geometry that nature uses to make its many living creatures. Brass is used in this pyramid because it moves life force energy easier than other metals, such as aluminum. Another metal used in this pyramid is black iron oxide, the black part visible in the bottom. This metal helps pull and attract life force energy into the pyramid. The last two components of this pyramid are the Blue Mica powder between the brass and black iron oxide layer and the Amethyst tip of the pyramid. The Blue Mica powder is mainly used to give it a nice blue sparkly effect. It is the only component in the orgonite piece used for only a visual effect. The Amethyst is used on the point to radiate sacral orgonite energy on the top of the piece, making it very powerful, since this stone is usually used for psychic development. Benefits of Orgone Generators: Feeling better, both physically and spiritually - As energy blockages are healed and the energy around you starts to flow unobstructed, life feels more joyful and harmonious. Relationships improve -  Many people have gifted their homes or workplaces with orgone generators, and they find that their relationships with family and co-workers improve. Vivid dreams - This is an effect that many people, including orgone skeptics, have experienced. Better sleep - Some people may have trouble sleeping if they have orgone generators in the room, as it might take some time to get used to the energized environment. In the long run, it promotes good sleep, and many have reported that they have been cured of chronic insomnia with the help of orgone generators. If you do find that orgone makes it difficult for you to sleep in the beginning, keep it out of the bedroom until you are used to the energy. Spiritual growth - This goes hand in hand with cleaner energy. An orgonised house can be a permanent spiritual retreat because it provides protection from EMFs. This is one of the main orgone benefits. Orgone generators may not reduce EMF per se but instead protect your body from the harmful effects. Many people have felt instant relief from a simple pendant. If you are very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, you may need to place more pieces of orgone around EMF-emitting devices (your fridge, computer, tv, clock radio, etc). Accelerated plant growth - This orgone benefit is easily viewed when tested. Orgone purifies the atmosphere, hence the popular practice of gifting orgone to areas affected by EMF pollution