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profeminist: Thread source Reblogging in anticipation of #PrideMonth2019: 11 Erika Heidewald Φ Following @erikaheidewald Are you straight and considering going to #Pride2017 ? Here's a brief thread of things you should know. RETWEETS LIKES 360 463 11:00 AM- 10 Jun 2017 360 463 9 Erika Heidewald її, Ф @enkaheidewald-22h 1. Pride is about LGBTQ+ people, so you must be an ally to all kinds of queer people. It's not ok to be an ally to gays but not trans ppl 55316 Erika Heidewald її, Ф @enkaheidewald. 22h 2. LGBT people are humans celebrating being themselves, we arent zoo animals. No gawking or touching without permission. 다 26 ·235 Erika Heidewald її, Ф @enkaheidewald. 22h 3. If you're a straight man and you hit on a lesbian at Pride, you go straight to hell 57354 Erika Heidewald її, Ф @enkaheidewald. 22h 4. Pride isn't some sexual free for all with no rules. Not all LGBT people are even sexual. Don't touch people without their permission! 37272 Erika Heidewald її, Ф @enkaheidewald. 22h 5. Straight girls- gay men do not exist to be your gay best friend 582 Erika Heidewald眷. @enkaheidewald-22h 6. Pride isnt about you, so don't try and make it about you. You're a guest 34223 Erika Heidewald Ф @enkaheidewald-21h 7. Pride isn't always happy. Pride comes out of struggle & sometimes people may be angry at our cis-heteronormative world. Be ok with that Erika Heidewald İİ, Ф @enkaheidewald-21h 8. You aren't there to judge, you're there to support. Let people be themselves, for some people it's the only time of year they really can. 다 26 190 Erika Heidewald Ф @enkaheidewald-21h 9. Lesbians and bi girls are not at Pride to find straight men to have threesomes with and if you proposition t you go straight to hel 115422 Erika Heidewald Ф @enkaheidewald-21h 10. LGBT people are diverse in every way. Don't just be an ally of white male-identifying, or able-bodied LGBT people. Be intersectional Erika Heidewald眷. @enkaheidewald-21h Frida and I made a video on this topic yesterday, and there are some important thoughts in the comment section too SHOULD STRAIGHT PEOPLE GO TO PRIDE? Should straight people go to pride? LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! @erikaandfrida on IG and Snapchat https://twitter.com/erikaandfrida erikaandfrida.tumblr. youtube.com 다 16 86 Erika Heidewald Ф @enkaheidewald-21h not trying to get in a fight this year. #Pride201 33214 And lastly, do not fucking touch people without their permission because I'm profeminist: Thread source Reblogging in anticipation of #PrideMonth2019