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Advice, Being Alone, and Animals: weasowl yesyespleaseno gaymilesedgeworth after i move i really wanna get a used roomba gaymilesedgeworth sushieatingmermaid i love that you're adopting instead of buying from a breeder <3 biggest-gaudiest-patronuses just remember they're social animals and should always be kept in pairs, don't get a roomba if you aren't prepared for that responsibility fireheartedkaratepup That's a common misconception. Roombas do perfectly fine on their own if you spend quality time with them! They group together in the wild for protection, but when they have no natural predators in the area they often choose to live alone biggest-gaudiest-patronuses i didn't know that! do you have any advice on roomba breeding and the problem with parent roombas' tendency towards eating their young? the-derp-returns It's best to put the parent Roombas up for adoption as soon as a baby is born. If you're too attached to the Roombas, you can keep them in separate rooms, thoughit will be hard. Be careful when opening doors, though, they are agile creatures and will escape if they see the opportunity! biggest-gaudiest-patronuses but what about while the baby roombas are still nursing monsterswithvibes actually you can nurse them yourself with some dust and sand biggest-gaudiest-patronuses just be careful they don't bite! weasowl see, we never had this problem back when we were breeding Dustbusters. Slow well-behaved, and dumb bless their hearts Completely indifferent to their offspring You know they're a distant ancestor to the Roomba? Now, of course, they're too far removed to even be able to cross-breed, but, yeah, they used to fill a similar ecological niche, and some of them eventually evolved into the wild Roomba from whence all our current breeds were born the Samsung Powerbot, even the Dyson 360eye Me, I'm waiting on the old Vacuum breed-back programs. I mean, they're going to have to use a lot of Roomba DNA, of course, and probably you'd want them to be, yknow, a little smaller than they were, but can you imagine having your own Dyson Upright, or Hoover, just wan- dering around your house sniffing everything? Or, my god, some breed of Shopvac? I hear they ate anything! Probably dangerous, but l'd get a little Bissell Stick in a heartbeat! Source: gaymilesedgeworth 114 419 notes Created with Stitch & Share! Roombas