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Behind the Meme: The kitten meme heard 'round the world originated in the first issue of Portland, Oregon's BarFly Magazine, in May 1999. on weather. Pleasant, efficient servers handle hormone active clientele with aplomb. Cover on weekend nights only. DOWNTOWN/SOUTHWEST PORTLAND Boxxes i 1035 SW Stark, 226-4171 Dark, disco-y, very friendly bar replete with Ash Street Saloon Nice patio out back, good folks behind the bar. Music NTN trivia and large screen gay porn. Fun, 7 nights w/ cover <$4, if at all. $2.00 pints & well off-beat events like drag queen dating games on special nights. Part of the multi- bar Panorama block. $1.00 well drinks 11:30 am-7 pm M-F. $1 well Thurs 925 SW Ash, 226-0430 & hoe drinks, $4.00 pitchers 4-8 pm M-F t Atwater's i The Brig 111 SW 5th (30th Floor), 275- 3600 Excellent view, great free apps! The suits are friend- lier than they look, and the crouwd is often more mixed 1035 SW Stark, 226-4171 Predominantly than you might expect. Good place to visit if you're gay, but a bit of a meat market for all ori- new in town, or want to show Portland off to your entations, especially on the weekends. quests. $1,00 micro glasses, $2.00 micro pints 5-7 Open for dancing most nights, call for sched- n ule. fun, sunken dance floor is Portland's version of Studio 54. Part of the Panorama block, with new n air, open cruising pm M-F O/ Buck drinks on seating spot on Thursdays. Bal ley Berbati's Pan 231 SW Ankeny, 248-4579 Nighttime atmosphere varies widely depending on candlelight entertainment, which runs the spectrum from rap to swing. SpacioUs dance floor makes it one of the bet- ter small music venues in touwn. Tuesday Suwing Thing happy hour should be better attended than it is, and features dance lessons, plus dj'd swing music. Long 2032 SU standing Wed. night trip hop dance with DJ Gravy is Popular still popular, as is the original Fetish Nite with Deacon tele. X every third Sun. Game room with pool x4 and good juke. $2.00 well drinks, $2.00 micro pints, $6.00 micro pitchers 5-7 pm every day Free! Stop the slaughter! HAIL! Debut Issue! EVERY TIME YOU MASTURBATE, GOD KILLS A KITTEN. Car advice ge4sip Phijins nk ay day c4 ccate Bar 71 assakted weikd stu the 'zine en the scene 71 SW nd 24 42 Showy, open, attractive space features dnd ond occasional live bands. Pool ano x3, tented or courtyard dancing depending 15 think about it. Inset: Cover of the first issue of BarFly Magazine, May 1999. "God Kills a Kitten" was created by BarFly's publisher, Jen Lane, based on an old Catholic-school joke. BARAAPDNCOM Behind the Meme