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Club, Family, and Fashion: <p><a href="http://droosy.tumblr.com/post/115804856349/for-your-original-characters-or-your-fictional" class="tumblr_blog" target="_blank">droosy</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><i>For your original characters or your fictional favorites!</i></p> <p><b>1. </b>Everyday/casual/what they wear the most</p> <p><b>2. </b>Formal/black tie</p> <p><b>3. </b>Swimwear (ALT: on vacation)</p> <p><b>4. </b>Underwear (ALT: in a <a href="http://www.idealaunch.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/snuggie.jpg" target="_blank">Snuggie</a> or sweats)</p> <p><b>5. </b>Sportswear/exercise gear (ALT: trying to look tough)</p> <p><b>6. </b>Pajamas/sleepwear</p> <p><b>7.</b> At work/school (ALT: forced to attend a boring semi-formal event—graduation, family reunion, religious service, wedding, etc.)</p> <p><b>8. </b>Spring</p> <p><b>9. </b>Autumn</p> <p><b>10. </b>In very cold weather</p> <p><b>11. </b>In very hot weather</p> <p><b>12. </b>Rainy day (outdoors or indoors, your call)</p> <p><b>13. </b>Having a relaxing, lazy Sunday at home</p> <p><b>14.</b> Out in public but too tired to even try (or otherwise disheveled)</p> <p><b>15. </b>What they wear when they’re feeling confident/want to feel confident</p> <p><b>16. </b>On a date (ALT: at a restaurant/diner or enjoying a nice solitary walk/bike ride)</p> <p><b>17. </b>At a party or club (ALT: street fashion)</p> <p><b>18. </b>A favorite/prized item or outfit that they might reserve for certain occasions</p> <p><b>19. </b>What they wore as a kid/teenager (ALT: an item or outfit they love that everyone else thinks is ugly/unflattering)</p> <p><b>20. </b>In something another character made them wear (ALT: a personal item they are embarrassed to love)</p> <p><b>21. </b>Something from your wardrobe that they’d be most likely to wear (ALT: in something they would never wear in a million years and totally rocking it)</p> <p><b>22. </b>Something (esp. out of character) that would make you laugh if you saw them wear it—e.g. a goofy t-shirt, something you saw on TV, rollerskates, etc.</p> <p><b>23. </b>Incognito</p> <p><b>24. </b>Ugly sweater/thrift/vintage</p> <p><b>25. </b>Costume/cosplay (ALT: what they’d wear in a fictional universe of your choosing—e.g. in Middle Earth, as a Crystal Gem, as a Pokémon trainer, aboard Serenity, etc.)</p> <p><b>26. </b>Retro/period costume (ALT: the  future or, if applicable, what they’d look like in contemporary society/our universe)</p> <p><b>27. </b>Subculture of your choice</p> <p><b>28. </b>In a ridiculously luxurious/regal ensemble (if they already dress ostentatiously, give them a makeunder)</p> <p><b>29. </b>Palette swap! Use a color scheme they wouldn’t normally wear—e.g. pastels if they usually wear all black, neons if they’re otherwise into neutrals</p> <p><b>30.</b> Any of the alternative prompts you’d like to try (ALT: WILD CARD!!)</p> </blockquote>