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dyspnoeic: pleatedjeans: Anxiety magazine covers from @crayonelyse  Me. : ANXIETY the magazine Oy vey! When was the last time you called your mother? Ask WebMD: THIS SEASON'S HOTTEST NEW SYMPTOMS DON'T HIT SEND Check it for typos! Now check it again. Repeat "My cat just needs me right now." &17 more great excuses to leave early АННННН! This man is looking at you! Why is he looking at you? Is there something on your face? Is he going to try to TALK to you? ANXIETY the magazine QUIZ: How long until your advisor figures out you are a FAILURE? WHY YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT IN ACADEMIA: Poor Work ethic-or sheer incompetencer Imposter syndrome: The one problem you DON'T have RESEARCH TIPS: Got a good idea? It's been done. Why SCIENCE is WRONG You should just give up! according to creepy strangers on airplanes ANXIETY Special Issue the magazine DEATH ANXIETY themagazine EVERYONE is talking about your weird toenails! Eww, what is wrong with them? An Anxiety Exclasive Report: Literally EVERYTHING you said yesterday let's go through it again PLUS: Fifteen adorable swimsuit trends that would make your body look like a bag of sausages! QUIZ Why did you do that? What the hell were you thinking? Seriously, why don't you drink more water? ANXIETY the magazine Shouldn't you bei moisturizing? Megan moisturizes. The 2016 summer guide to SELF-MEDICATION 'You can do it!' -and other embarrassing pep talks 33 people who are your coworkers have overheard you giving yourself younger than you! Jessiefrom pork Friend, Confidante-BUT DOES SHE SECRETLY HATE YOU? The split-second facial expression that reveals all! PLUS: 12 acquaintances who are getting pretty sick of your shit by now. dyspnoeic: pleatedjeans: Anxiety magazine covers from @crayonelyse  Me.