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Boxing, Frat Boy, and Memes: Reasons why Ive been asked to leave class said that the government was a bunch of dick heads and we should all just set the white house on fire and kept calling students who tried to defend the government dick heads in training brought 6 whole pizzas in their boxes to class and was blocking the view of students I kept sneezing during a lecture Got really mad at some guy who wouldnt shut the hell up behind me and was flirting with some girl so i told him to shut the fuck up and she doesnt want to suck your dick and to take his frat boy ass and move. Was signing dirty words and funny shit to my deaf friend and making him laugh. But because he's deaf he didnt realize how loud he was being so we both got asked to leave poured water on some kids test after iwas done with mine because i saw him copying off me the whole time. Kept cussing too much during a socratic seminar about censorship to prove a point, and when they got mad at me i said "You trying to censor my words?" made toast had a dog in my backpack and said i had to take him to the vet after the class and didnt have time to run home and get him. he puked on the floor. which is why he had to go to the vet city ofharran wait i forgot the time i made a shirt with my professors face on in and the moment i walked in and before i even sat down he pointed to the door and said for Qods sake can we have one dav without this shit? ok ok but fr if i did i live thing would anyone watch!? -maeveโคโค