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Huehue: File: 138666223302 (11 KB, 247x204, crow.jpg) G I | | Anonymous 12/10/13(Tue)02:57:13 UTC-5 No.520558752 So /b/ I've been having fun over the past few weeks and figured I'd share > Where l work there are thousands of crows that show up every single night > They hang around for like 4 hours at night, then take off, and show up the next night > Was reading up on crows because fuck it, interested > Apparently they're smart as shit > They recognize faces, and can form preferences in people depending on how they're treated > A wild idea appears > I start trying to piss off this group of crows that hang out in the trees near work > I throw rocks at them, and shake the tree and chase them whenever l can > Meanwhile, the grass crows across the street, just chill by the mcdicks > Every time I go to mcd's, I get extra large fries, and feed the grass crows > They start to like me, while the tree crows hate my shit >Tree crows throw nuts and try to shit on me all the time (i dodge bird shit like I dodge wrenches now) > Grass crows still super bros, and now try to follow me when I walk into mcd's > I keep this up for a few more weeks, and I'm noticing a bigger divide in the crows > Grass crows now follow me across the road to make sure I get back to work safe > Tree crows getting more aggressive and sit on my building and wait for me to walk out > I've created a great war between two formerly friendly nations World War Crow comm > I am fueling it with french fries ences Anonymous 12/10/13(Tue)02:58:03 UTC-5 No.520558845 Replies: 22520559326 > Both nations now jockeying for position near my work. > Grass crows try to defend me as the Tree crows fly over me and throw nuts and rocks at me > After a few days of tense defense/offense, all goes calm > I expect the usual squawking and flapping as I walk out, but there's nothing > I walk out from the covered entry way and look up > All across the trees surrounding my > I recognize one of the grass bros in the tree closest to me. (Called him Reggie. Always gave him the warm fries) > I hear one squawk as one of the tree bros flies out and drops a rock on my shoulder. > All hell breaks loose > Crows flying all across the sky, and I can hardly see through the clown > No wonder they call it a murder (huehue) building are crows. More than there have ever been before Anonymous 12/10/13(Tue)02:59:05 UTC-5 No.520558960 > I sit and watch as literally 1000-2000 crows charge at each other. > Bloodied bird carcasses falling left and right > Sit in awe of what I've created > Nearly an hour passes and the cloud thins > Only grassbros left > Reggie flies down to the ground and lands beside me > Has big scar across left eye. Gives no fucks > I stand, and all the grassbros look up to me > I march across the street, and into mcd's, leaving the door open for all the crows to follow > Cashiers face > I order 12 XL french fries, and celebrate my grand victory with the grassbros