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Christmas, Church, and Fire: writing-prompt-s Your church-going, God-worshipping sister adopted a small child and you re excited to see them. But when you do, the child is a menace. They're throwing things everywhere, setting furniture on fire with seemingly nothing, chanting in Latin to summon demons, but the weirdest thing is that your sister doesn't seem to mind mababees "You literally adopted the antichrist, Anne. What the fuck." "Yeah, I knew when I saw him at the orphanage. I figured if the kid had some decent fucking parenting that we could avoid the whole 'Revelations' shite. Nasty business, that." George, who's name has been kindly changed from Damien, approaches his new mother with a huge spider in his hands. It promptly bursts into flames. "Good job, love. Now go find the rest." George's face makes no expression, but his eyes shine when he recieves a pat on the head for his efforts. talieclandestine As the months go by, George seems to settle down. He adjusts to school, friends, and the positive reinforcement Anne gives him. She encourages the good he does, even though the powers he uses aren't "good". When she gets calls from the school, it's about a rambunctious boy that won't sit still. Not a destroyer of the world and innocence. It's at Christmas dinner, that you let slip your amazement to your mother. How good Anne is for him and how he's improved a lot. Still summoning hellhounds for games of fetch, though "Oh, he'll forget how to do that when he falls in love the first time," Your mother laughs, smiling wide. "How do you know that," you ask bewildered "Because, you did The Story of the Antichrist