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Bad, Crazy, and Crying: If you haven't been desperate or broken this caption won't help you. - It sucks right ? Rejection. Why? I don't know if many people think it this way , but I think that rejection is there, because something better awaits us. When I was in love it was amazing, I never felt so good and happy in my life. And that is how the story of a broken heart begins. I was drowning in his eyes. Every time if I was looking at him I was in trans, like I was here, but then I wasn't. He made me feel so special and so powerful. He was my source of happiness. Here it goes, after a while (a few days later) I felt bad in the nights. (Infinity pain) I felt horrible, I had a weird feeling in my stomach. I was like "huh???? why am I feeling this what is this" and I found out it was pain , it didn't stop and I was crying and I was looking at myself in the mirror "why am I crying ? Why do I feel this pain? It hurts so much, make it stop please..." this pain that I felt was so awful. I've felt pain before yes, but this pain didn't stop, this pain poisoned my heart. How did this happen? It was him, the one I loved the most was also the one who hurted me the most. He didn't love me the way I did, he didn't think of me the way I did. All he did was hurting me with his actions and do you know what's crazy I still loved him. I thought I was cursed and I still think I am. But that happens when you love too much and invest all of you in one person. I was never educated to know when I have to stop loving, my love was infinity and that is how I got infinity pain. Betrayal doesn't come from your enemies. It comes from you loved ones. In this "phase" what people call I was always looking up quotes to feel even more bad. Why? Idk I was looking for words that could describe me and some actually helped me. I still can't believe it. love can hurt you the most and yet everyone seeks for it. Sad reality : there's no love without pain. All I can say now I'm not that heartbroken anymore, I got sort of over it. I'm not completely healed, I still have those switchy nights where I feel empty. But don't forget, we will get through this we are stronger then we think 💛 if you have nothing nice to say then SSH

If you haven't been desperate or broken this caption won't help you. - It sucks right ? Rejection. Why? I don't know if many people think it...

Advice, Af, and Bad: Before I start, I beg you in the name of God to post this story and keep me Buhari (Anon) 回f步 @ KraksTV I have tried a few relationships with a couple of ladies but have been cheated on, dumped, left for other guys because of my financial status. I have tried dating other ladies but still no breakthrough because of the same reason. I am not a bad person and used to believe in love, build a relationship, get married blah blah blah. When I was in my last relationship, I was loyal af. I never cheated even when I was away for service. All my friends called me several mocking names out of my fidelity. Only for me to find out I have been lving in a world of fantasy. My lady cheated on me as usual. Though the relationship ended then and I have moved on. just realize ladies out there are only in relationship with your money not a hustler nor a prospect. I am not a Majid Micheal but haba I know say I try. Tall, dark over 6ft in height, loyal committed and loving. I met a few ladies after who were not giving me face/audience until I started visiting them in my friends cars. I have learnt and worked on myself. In a few weeks time all my efforts on myself will start to show, I too will be among the made men. I JUST WANNA ANNOUNCE TO NIGERIAN GIRLS A YORUBA DEMON LIKE NEVER SEEN BEFORE IS COMING. I WILL BREAK HEARTS. will hurt people, manipulate and take advantage of every lady I meet. Shey its money they want, no problem. Walai, I will spoil ladies' lives Engage several ladies Simultaneously. Break up with people a week to wedding. I have it all planned out. Nobody can say anything to me to change my mind. I have made up my mind to have a baby mama that will bear me a few boys and pay off. To my fellow young guys out there, there is nothing like true love no more, its a fiction, a fantasy. No lady in this generation wants to build with any guy. Your so called girlfriend that you love, cherish and adore is sending nudes or riding dick at this very moment you reading this. Just work hard on yourselves, make this money and you find them crawling all over you including those ladies you thought were outta your league. Kraks, tell them, I AM COMING Remember to keep me anon. Tag your friends to tell them he's coming ➡️If you have a problem or an issue you need advice on, please do not hesitate to send a mail to dearkraks@gmail.com DearKraks