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Chicago, Clothes, and Fresh: THIS CANDLE COMPANY HAS A SCENT THAT SMELLS LIKE YOUR STATE ERIN GALLAGHER November 13, 2016 88k f Share Tweet SHARES ES TU DI homesick homesick SOUTH CAROLI SOUTH CAROLINA heyheyitsjuju: musicalhell: spottytonguedog: pinchtheprincess: copperbadge: memprime: podcasts-8-my-heart: talkingcinemalight: peppylilspitfuck: icykitty: strawberry-jambouree: cherrymilkshake: milkydolenz: fscottfitzgerld: 1977punk: i was gonna make a joke about how the massachusetts candle probably smells like a drug deal in the dunkin donuts parking lot but then i checked and it legitimately smells like dunkin coffee i’m done  and i was going to make a joke about how the illinois candle just smells like cornfields and wheat fields but then i too checked and it literally does me: what does the maine one smell like… snow? lighthouses? website: fresh Maine blueberries, me, looking down at my clothes stained beyond recognition from hours spent blueberry raking: *whispers* of course…… Maryland smells like old bay and salt This is accurate The website is https://homesickcandles.com checked arizona just for shits and giggles and it smells like SAND goodnight Washington is Cherries, coffee, and rain. Accurate. You have no idea how pleased I was to see that there are two California candles. One for North and one for South. Oh and they seem to also have special ones for Los Angeles and San Francisco! That’s about right for Indiana. @copperbadge There is an Illinois candle AND a Chicago candle! I appreciate that the Chicago candle smells like the chocolate factory that makes downtown smell like chocolate sometimes, but let’s be real, it should smell like pee and corruption.  Does Iowa smell like corn and soybeans, or hogs? Because I can tell you what I’m NOT buying, if it’s the latter. And as always they’ve forgotten there’s a whole state north of NYC.  The Denver candle smells like fresh hemp, because of course it does. …of course it does, I can smell it now Ah Vermont smells like maple and trees what a fucking surprise