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Af, Anaconda, and Dad: succulent eMILy gOLDFINCIh Pizzazz Dad * food critic * cries a lot * says inappropriate *dark past things 89.3% of the time" has killed 127 people * loves his mom * obsessive fangirl * regrets things * does them agaiin five minutes later * might fight you but* doesn't honestly mind only once they're dead because inside she's a *queen * looks like she does not care * does not care * no one understands her * will 100% fight you * stays up all night reading conspiracy theories * does ballet * wants to go home in her head *and in real life * favorite color is whatever comes after black * puts up with too much shit * * strong af * Loves love * paints * has a really weird past that no one knows anything about * yoice of reason * sings in the shower * loves love x2 loves to dance * shops at forever 21 * has a psychic soft and loving mess Joke Peralta Wet Blanket * is a robot but with lots of feelings * note to self: find new friends * is great at cooking but is too lazy * hates a lot of people * hates talking about personal things; * like feelings Detective Terrible Detective * corrects everyone's grammar * smart and dorky * can't cook * deserves better * loves science *has one friend * gets paranoid about getting paranoid * cinnamon roll * momfriendTM * listens to 'i before e except after c' by yazoo unironically * screams a lot * only goes to parties if there's going to be free foog *draMATIC forces his foot in and out of his shoe instead of untying it * is a professional at 'staining things' * has a really big and soft heart * might still be child... * kink: extreme silence * listens to the orchestra *likes to go to bed early oranginasantiago: tag yourself i’m joke peralta and succulent