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Fall, Love, and Money: 4G 7:27 Thoughts of Dog 928 Tweets Tweets & replies Media Likes Tweets @dog_feelings 27 May Thoughts of Dog gooooob morning. the first time you wake up. could be a mistake. it's best to fall back to sleep. just to be safe t 27K 191K 859 @dog_feelings 26 May Thoughts of Dog the human invited a new fren over tonight. it's going well. but they set the bar pretty high around here seem a little nervous. this is to be expected. as i ti9,088 136K 217 Thoughts of Dog i am happy to report. that my stuffed fren sebastian's surgery was a success. he's been prescribed lots of bed rest. which is perfect. i love bed rest @dog_feelings 23 May Li 8,046 442 130K Thoughts of Dog i was playing with my stuffed fren sebastian. when his arm fell all the way off. there's no need to worry. because among many other things. my human is a surgeon @dog_feelings 23 May LI 12.7K 549 155K Thoughts of Dog to be perfectly clear. i love you @dog_feelings 21 May LI 31K 1,111 190K @dog_feelings 17 May Thoughts of Dog sometimes. the human needs a break from the world. so i grab my leash. drop it in their hand. and we take a walk. where all we have to focus on. is putting one paw in front of the other Li 34.9K 224K 981 @dog_feelings 15 May Thoughts of Dog gooooob morning. it is way too early to be conscious. but we must persevere. because i have to pee Li 15.4K 497 150K @dog_feelings 13 May Thoughts of Dog the small neighbor human. has been teaching me how to roll over. but i usually stop halfway. this is the belly rub toll. and i will not complete the trick. until it is paid Li 14.6K 517 165K Thoughts of Dog the human is going out tonight. to see some of their frens. which is fine. i'll be okay by myself. i totally didn't wanna cuddle. until we both fall asleep @dog_feelings 11 May ti 11.8K 647 142K @dog_feelings 08 May Thoughts of Dog we were at the store today. and i found a stuffed penguin that i really fancied. i tried to carry it out. but was stopped before the exit. i am not a criminal. i just have no money 2i 23.4K 211K 1,163 @dog_feelings 06 May Thoughts of Dog i'm a simple pup. i don't need much. just your attention at all times. and for everyone i ever meet to love me a whole bunch LI 23.2K 954 181K @dog_feelings 02 May Thoughts of Dog i know you have a lot going on right now. so i just want to say. i think you're doing great I 45.4K 1,578 201K @dog_feelings 29 Apr Thoughts of Dog gooooob morning. the human is working from home today. but i require attention. so i'm going to sit in their lap. and randomly press buttons on their comput they give up til 1l 15K 964 176K It never fails in making one smile.

It never fails in making one smile.