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Animals, Cats, and Creepy: rabbitinheadlights l feel like the reason certain dog-lovers insist cats are evil is because they read their body language as if they were dogs. So here's a very basic quide to common "mean" things cats do that actually aren't mean at all if you know what they're thinking Rolling and exposing belly- attacks you when touched Does not mean: Give belly rubs! - haha I tricked you! Actually means: I'm playful! If you reach for my belly I'll grab your arm and bite it because I think we're playfighting! Lazily exposing belly still attacks when touched Does not mean: tricked you again! Actually means: I'm showing you my belly because I trust you. Please don't break that trust by invading my personal space. I might accept a belly rub if I'm not ticklish and I know you wel Snapping at you while being pet Does not mean: I suddenly decided I dislike you! Actually means: You're petting me in a way that gives me too much restless energy. Please focus on petting my head and shoulders instead of stroking the full length of my back next time Is in the same room but makes no attempt to interact Does not mean: l'm ignoring you Actually means: We're hanging out! I'm being respectful by giving you space while still enjoying your company Slapping/scratching your hand when you try to pet them Does not mean: I hate you! Actually means: You've failed to establish that we're not playing, or the way you're approaching me scares me. Be calmer, speak more gently, make eye contact and blink slowly at me before you try again. squeakykins I love this post omg, thank you so much. As a lifelong cat person, dogs perplex me because they're so completely different behaviourally blome3kissesbitch I love dogs too but, I've been trying to tell people, you canNOT treat cats like you treat dogs. They arent the same animals and have very different personalities blome3kissesbitch P.s. people often pet cats way too hard. Dogs like a firm pet or a pat on the belly, cats dont have the same bone structure and are more flexible than dogs so what you're doing probably hurts them northisnotup Also, their tail language is the opposite! Cats, tail up: happy to see you, happy to be here, happy in general Dogs (most breeds), tail up: On Alert, Hypervigilant, May Attack pluckyredhead And a cat with a swishing/"wagging" tail is a P.O.'ed cat. naamahdarling Sitting and staring Does not mean: I am challenging you/plotting your demise/just generally evil and creepy Actually means: I am a desert-adapted species, so my natural tears are very thick and keep my eyes moist for a nice long time. I do find people interesting and enjoy watching them. I just don't need to blink very often! Staring and blinking slowly Does not mean: I'm smug and think l am smarter than you Actually means: I like you! But I don't need to get up in your face to show it. I can just sit over here and blow kisses at you to show you l am glad you are around! It's very frustrating for me when people expect cats to act like dogs, or act like they're deceitful. They aren't! They just AREN'T DOGS Cats are misunderstood creatures