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I See You Tomorrow: Omg... that is a very evasive answer. No guy wants to have sex with a women who Please safe your self for me 15 PM So much better good morning Well, I'm done talking about this and you just keep your o until you have earned the right to share them with me. We can just cuddle and take a nap 157PM Yup, I really don't like you and your AM to e night before time armoning perhaps, what you could have said was 'that's ok babe, hope you feel better. It has wi What time did you want me to come I'm going to take another nap. 'll let you know in a little bit. I'm really sorry. That's good. Good morning 555 AM 11:04 AM5PM th you not being good enough, it has to That is a nice pic. I want to believe the intent is to show me you would not be with someone tonight. I do want what we have tomorrow to be special Iwill but are from your words and actions. You are t I guess the truth hurts. These Chill out babe, lol. Just going to my Lol... Well thay is sexy in a dominent kind 5 ish? What were you thinking? I need to of And in the future tell me how I can earn clueless about that morning thing if you want. After I ref on Friday I'm going to my daughter's game so I didn't know if Friday night is to late but I know I would want you It's one night, and if you are making this big of a deal about it, this is not going lol dinner. I do not want to bring in the New Year alone and I like your company Ok...but you are a beautiful kitten more then capable of getting play so I just didn't want to be seconds tomorrow goes Omg..Il thought might happen. 5 is fine. My a girl to not sleep around is not major. It is a par for the course type of thing Pcock might think it's late but I understand great while, I get Yeah. it sucks. We deserve better 7:19 P a hangover and e PHope it will be cool to be alone tonight. I'm hungover and not are things you learn about another person This from the man who told me I'm free to suck another dick if I want to? Ok I will ILitterally mean another day tell me how to earn that. I never really new. 11:22 AM you learn about another person over time. We just You s p haven't known eachother long enough. Babe, I still feel like crap. I'm not in the mood for sex tonight, and I'm not sure that's going to change in a few hours. Just e. This is way too but I don't want to see you again. tonight or any other night. I totally get what you're saying, but you've known me a week babe.... and sex with me is never 'seconds!! Like I said, chill out drank more water. As far as social goes much too soon. I don't feel the same way about you as If you really want to be with me, it I do jope you feel better Woah babe relax. If you wanted to do bad just tell me. Dont worry about it and don't be upset Kinda. I feel like you are expecting a lot Can I see you tomorrow night or The only place I am s Oh shit. Why can't we just have sex? It's not What you think. :54 P Please hun. We can hang out. We dont me and I'm a bit Ok. you said a lot so to be clear you would not be with other people? 153 PM517 PM It takes forever for texts to send here lol Please don't use this as a not going to 10:33 PM Saturday morning perhaps, what l don't want to work thing.I good then that's fine too. I do hope you me to what ever you want me to be l suddenly I'm some kind of slut on the prowl for dick?1I am not liking what are really not feeling that way at all. Please dont do the crass lush away thing. If you just want to be hang out friends that was always fine too. 19PM l see. Yeah it's weird about time...trust me on that. I don't mind if your dominant with life lessons bit I can assure you n do want to be with you and as Einstein proved time is relevant and life is short. Cant wait to see you At the end of the day you got really full of your self because I didn't want sloppy seconds to start the new year. I'm sorry you went through a lot with your ex and I'm sorry your dad is sick but you should know these are y not do anything wrong.. If you are a promiscuous serieral dater you should have said so I would t to Not sure what planning means. Or agenda. Is is there a pissibility you Any time. It could even be an early morning thing if you want. After I ref on Friday I'm going to my daughter's game am ok with that. I just do ask that we do No babe thats not what I neant our issues and I did 10:49 P I am ok with that. I just do ask that we do spend I didn't know if Friday night is to late time at some point. Dont worry I know you havebut know I would want you a life. I do have a right to be disappointed and I'm not willing to make any major All I meant was we all like sex so I just Crass push away. Like all of a sudden I'm not good enough and you had no ours to ve s you do Tuesday, January 1,2019 ust met... but I like you and Ilike being dont worry about it s of seeing me n ok with that er Hope it will be cool Good morning Happy New Year