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Boyfriend logs into cheating ex’s Facebook and drops the f*$ing hammer: Is there anything sweeter than watching karma slap the soul out of someone who deserves it? Enter Ashley. This girl allowed her boyfriend to spend thousands of dollars on her, taking her to Hawaii, buying her Coachella tickets and paying for hotel rooms all while she was sleeping around on him -with two separate people. Once the aforementioned boyfriend became aware of what was happening, he promptly delivered some cold, tasty justice by logging into her Facebook and setting the record straight for all to see oo Verizon 7:43 PM Ashleyat Indio Jail. 3hrs Indio, CA Time to set the record straight. Before I let Jason ake me on a $10,000 vacation, looked him in the eyes and told him I wanted to marry him and have his children, I should have told him about the TWO men I was sleeping with less than three weeks prior to trip. Instead, I let him take me on the vacation of a lifetime with him in the dark. After returning from Hawaii, I was manipulative enough to convince Jason to buy me a $2,000 Coachella ticket, and pay for our hotel in Indio for the weekend But money is money. Let me retrace, back to the men I was sleeping with. The first, Zackis in a committed long term relationship, ENGAGED, soon to be married. I slept with him behind Jasons back. I spent New Years with him while his fiancé was by herself. I bragged to my friends that I was fucking him all through the night. The other man is David A.I flew to Chicago the day after Jason's birthday, telling him it wasa work trip. In reality I was there to have sex with David and live in my own delusion. I guess karma's a bitch. Because I am currently sitting in jail for assaulting Jason, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest. Indian Wells Indio 0 News Feed Requests MessengerNotifications More Boyfriend logs into cheating ex’s Facebook and drops the f*$ing hammer