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Julius Caesar was a total slut.: sathinfection contemporary roman writers slutshamed julius caesar that's your ides of march fact for today what an absolute unit ol' iulius was liesmyth how could you write this and not say WHY he was getting slutshamed julius husband to all wives and wife to all husbands caesar was a thirsty, thirsty bottom sathinfection suetonius: i heard that caesar was a big slut and also he liked buttsex and oral liesmyth cicero, to the gathered senate: CAESAR TAKES IT UP THE ASS for historical context, cicero publicly called out jc for bottoming for king nicomedes of bithynia. they first met when caesar was 20, the king was at least twice his age. -am-net saying -sugar daddy-but sugar daddy-the sex was so good that when nicomede:s died he left his entire kingdom to rome, i am not making this up this is true langernameohnebedeutung listen it's one thing to slut shame Caesar, but Cicero went around speculating in public about Caesan and the king doing it on a "golden couch arrayed in purple" where "the virginity of the one sprung fronm Venus was lost in Bithynia" so I don't think good old lulius is the only one who's got to ask himself some serious questions here. spaffy-jimble Julius Caesar was stabbed for being a bottom please share for bottom's rights beware-the-ravenstag fun fact-there was a popular song/chant his soldiers would sing so where ever they marched they could announce it to the whole world silver-tongues-blog Julius Caesar has been dead for 2062 slutty years Source: sathinfection Julius Caesar was a total slut.