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Ass, Chill, and Definitely: Verizon LTE 7:20 PM 71%( Verizon LTE You're a pathetic child. Get a grip. I had such a good time tonight We should definitely hang out again soon!! hello? 6:39 P Listen I'm really sorry. I just really like you and I don't know why you're ignoring me like this 6:40 P 6:41 P think I love you Why are you ignoring me?????? 6:44 P woah, dude. i was driving home, chill 6:46 P we've only gone on one date?? 6:46 P Yes? But I felt a real connection between uS. Absolutely inappropriate. I thought we had such a good time tonight. Why are you doing this to me? 6:49 P and you said you were 20 on tinder and very clearly were not Imfao This always fucking happens. I put time, money, and effort into making you slut- tards feel good about yourselves and you go and ghost me. Whore. You're probably getting your loose pussy fucked by some Chad right now. After all I did for you?? Pathetic. please don't contact me anymore. especially after you said all that shit about me 6:51 P Delivere PATHETIC. JUST BECAUSE I HAVE LIFE EXPERIENCE AND AM NOT A STUPID CHAD?? Was my IQ too high for you? My understanding of the world? I know your weak mind can't comprehend as much as mine. Was I too much for you? 6:52 P Good luck finding anyone to love your ugly Jew ass. Message Message “my first post I matched with a guy who said he was 20 (I’m 18). He made me drive almost an hour into the city to meet him and when I got there he was clearly in his 40s. Check out those time stamps in the first picture *Repost from r/niceguys*