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Dancing, Dude, and Lol: omeele Talk to strangers! You're chatting with a random stranger on Omeglel Stranger: HOLLA IF YOU GAY You: HOLLA Stranger: STOP Stranger: really You: what do you mean? Stranger: are you really gay You:yeah haha Stranger: wow that was the first time i tried that Stranger: what are those odds You: dude that's awesome Stranger: guess so Stranger: meant to be Stranger: whats up You: so in love rn Stranger: same Stranger: <2 Stranger: whoops Stranger: <333 You: not much, just met my soul mate i guess You: <2 Stranger: hahahah thats our thing Stranger: inside jokes already You: see, our relationship is blossoming Stranger: youre the reason im dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower You: aw, i'm touched Stranger: wait how old are you You: 15 lol You: you? Stranger:0 You: those are large eves Stranger: yea cuz im 19 You: guess that's not a good thing You: ohhhh You: wait Stranger: righttttttttt You: are you a guy Stranger: um Stranger: i am You: well shit Stranger: STOP You: hey there i'm a female Stranger: LMFAOoooooooooooO You: DUDE Stranger: we could not have fucked up more You: i'm laughing so hard at this Stranger: but im still into it <2 You: <2 Stranger: hahahahahaha Stranger: this has to be saved Stranger: and published You: absolutely, do you have a tumblr account? Stranger: i dont but if you do post this shit Stranger: i wanna be famous You: man i only have 44 followers You: but ill post it Stranger: it's fine use mad tags Stranger: maybe tyler oakley will see it You: i'll do my best Stranger: it will go viral You: he'd love it Stranger: our love will conquer the world You: <2 Stranger: <2 Stranger: im dead You: forever hellaerin: so i met my soul mate tonight

hellaerin: so i met my soul mate tonight