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Click, Cypher, and Fucking: Sprint 7:13 AM 98% moosers + nn17gkn nn17gkn Followed you 1 year ago Today at 3:09 AM nn17gkn Hey you! You teleported but do you remember how to run,? Is this spam? Mark as spam aliaitee: emmersdrawberry: postmarxed: postmarxed: bitchface—mcgee: postmarxed: gaycholita: sickly-momo: postmarxed: gaycholita: postmarxed: postmarxed: postmarxed: postmarxed: postmarxed: postmarxed: moosers: wh………. Hey uh if you go to that blog And click that link The binary in the image from the blog post translates to the password you need here which gets you this And that url takes you here I don’t have any idea what the code on the t-shirt is supposed to be tho Okay it’s a decimal code that translates to tumblr godknowsnone? On that blog there’s like a captcha image and a long binary string. Stay tuned!! Okay that binary translates to ascii code Which then translates to this So when we log in to that email account There’s not much there except this vimeo link in the drafts folder The video is just 19 seconds of a very windy kind of woodsy area with a pond and a shortened url displayed over it so that link takes you to this youtube video and if you scroll down theres only one comment click on the user and they dont have any videos, but their about page has a link the link takes you to this freetexthost page, but im not sure what this text is code for “check it out then go way back” if you go way back to the original blog @nn17gkn “cbg juj uk fb? Ouppx obpx pbfxc 7xfpb uo jbq? bap” is the first post using this cypher that post translates to: You did it now Gimme some money venmo is docworm ok but they posted something new. if you use the same website from before, it converts to “Thanks for playing how about round two this is a gays only event hettys need not apply“(first of all fuckin amazing) but then the link leads you to this picture which honestly idk what to do with, someone continue this. thanks for adding this!!!!! i started looking into it so if you brighten that image super high theres a link on the left side that link takes you to a freetexthost page with this vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/277172453 the way the camera focuses in this video is morse code and me and @bitchface—mcgee translated it to: tmdlrrecurring17 we have no idea what this means and we’re stuck, if someone knows what this could be pls add on !!!!! It’s still going y'all!!!! I might be wrong but I think y'all might’ve mistranslated the Morse code. It might say tumblr recurring17 WE GOT FUCKING PLAYED AGAIN DKCNFSLXKFNRMDCKFNDMXKCNXNFJSLSSJ The Old God that runs the internet oh my fucken god
Brains, Community, and Target: How a normal person tells a Story: START oF STORY D END OF STORY How I tell a story: SEMI- PRE-STORY PROLDGUE FoR "CONTEXT APoLOG12E SIDE STORY Too MANY DETAILS START OF STORY END OF STORY WAIT, OKAY BACK TD THE MAIN STORy REALIZE 'VE BEEN TALKING Too LONG WHAT WAS TALKING A8ouT? WRAP STORY UP AND FINA LLY GET TO THE So METHING JUST NOW REMEMBERED LOSE TRAIN OF THOUGHT POINT secretladyspider: skyfireflight: Totally me. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, OP, but this is a stolen piece of art with some of the titles changed. It was made by an artist with ADHD for people with ADHD.  This is the original comic: The artist, Dani Donovan, has made several comics like this in relations to ADHD and how our brains work. What was made by someone with ADHD for other people with ADHD has been stolen, and she’s not too happy about it. Neither is the ADHD community, as it seems like people often dismiss our disorder because “everyone’s forgetful sometimes!” Our brains work differently from neurotypical people’s brains. That’s why she made this.  This is her twitter.  Here is her website. Here is her Patreon, where you can support her comics and creations.  This is the tweet she posted that includes the image above, which has the watermark. Please go to her twitter and retweet the original image if you want to support her work. Give her appropriate credit for her work. Support people with ADHD. Thank you.

secretladyspider: skyfireflight: Totally me. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, OP, but this is a stolen piece of art with some of the ti...

Mood, Target, and Tumblr: largishcat:im not sure what kind of mood this is but its a big one

largishcat:im not sure what kind of mood this is but its a big one

Apparently, Beer, and Dude: Emily Holmes January 2 at 11:26 AM Liberal Friends, listen to this right now: Democratic Nominees are not clay pigeons I repeat. DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES ARE NOT CLAY PIGEONS But, Emily, whatever do you mean? What is this metaphor? It goes like this One by one, over the next couple of months, Democratic nominees are going to launch their official bids for President. They are going to launch themselves, one by one, into the sky, right into our line of vision Our job is not to shoot them. Our job is NOT, the second we see them cross the sky, to reach out for the gun being handed to us by conservatives (because duh, conservatives and guns) and take aim, and blast them, one by one out of the air, for not being absolutely perfect. Not likeable enough. BOOM Not an inspiring enough speaker. BOOM Said that awkward thing that one time. BOOM I wouldn't want to have a beer with them. BOOM Too old. BOOM. Too female. BOOM. Too white. BOOM Not a fucking flawless progressive superhero. BOOM Because what happens next? We shoot the candidates down. We degrade them. We belittle them. We smear them. Then we hand the gun to the media. They do the same. They hand the gun to the conservatives. They do the same. Then the bots start reloading. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM And then at the end of primary season, we have to pick up the shattered remains of whoever got the most votes and attempt to glue them back together into a candidate who can win the general election. And we will lose. Because we learned fucking NOTHING from 2016, apparently Trump didn't win because every conservative loves him. Most of them hate his fucking guts. But they held their noses and voted for him because he was the only way to push their agenda forward. And holy shit, have they pushed it. Despite his complete ineptitude, his bumbling, his gross incompetence, his blatant corruption, they have shoved through some really damaging policies that are hurting real people every single day, and they will continue to do so for as long as we let them So, here we are. You're not jazzed about Liz Warren? Awesome. Beto not your boy? Swell. Sick of Biden memes? Good for you, friend. Keep it to yourself. Why? Because EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT WHO RUNS IS INFINITELY BETTER FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY THAN THE FLAMING RACIST POPULIST TRASH CURRENTLY STEERING THIS COUNTRY DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN. I'm not sure if you noticed, but we already elected a guy based on a cult of personality rather than on whether he was qualified in any way to do the iob, and we're going to be putting out the flames for DECADES But what do we do instead, you ask? Watch debates. Compare platforms Be informed. Choose your favorite BASED ON REAL FACTUAL POLICIES AND EXPERIENCE, NOT ON YOUR DELICATE FEELINGS AND WHETHER YOU FEEL SUFFICIENTLY ENTERTAINED OR INEXPLICABLY HAPPY AT THE VERY SIGHT OF THEIR GLOWING FACE. Then get involved. Register people. Drive to the polls. Hold signs on street corners. Write postcards Knock on doors. Don't tell us why the other candidates suck, tell us why yours is THE BEST. Fight FOR them. Remember how we used to fight FOR things, rather than against them? I know Trump makes it hard to remember, but I promise, that's a thing we used to know how to do Then we all, collectively, wholeheartedly, throw our weight and energy and voice behind whoever gets the nomination. If we do that, we win. Period It's not a question of who can beat Trump, don't you get it? A sentient fucking houseplant with a liberal platform could beat Trump, if we do this right. It's a question of whether WE can beat him, or would we rather tear ourselves apart? Look around you, folks. The stock market is in free-fall. Our international reputation is in tatters. Our foreign policy is for sale to dictators. Our free press is under daily attack. Our Supreme Court is one conservative white dude away from full-on Gilead, and we can't keep asking an 84-year-old woman recovering from broken ribs and a third bout of cancer to hang on for six more years because we can't get our heads out of our own asses. I mean, she'll do it, obviously, because RBG is a BOSS, but she shouldn't have to. I repeat. This is not a test of our candidates. There are lots of good, solid options. It's a test of US. Of OUR ability to unite. Of OUR strength. Of OUR ability to put aside selfish arbitrary purity tests and scales of "likeability" and to just FUCKING GET IT DONE. We don't need the perfect candidate to rescue us. We need to realize that we can rescue ourselves So, how about it, Resistance? They want us to forget that we have the numbers, the motivation, and the power. They want us to implode. Let's explode instead, and leave nothing but a charred ruin of this nightmare administration in our wake. BOOM 1.4K Comments 6.7K Shares onceuponamirror: helenofhere: snarksandkisses: Also good to keep THIS SHIT in mind: This is the most important post on this platform since early 2016. WE ARE NOT FUCKING IT UP TWICE. DO NOT LET PROPAGANDA AND MANIPULATION DIVIDE US AGAINST GETTING THIS MONSTER OUT. thanks
Click, Facebook, and Friends: Messenger JUL 26, 12:15 PM Hello hun! I had you on my mind and wondered why I hadn't seen you on Facebook. Then I realized we're no longer friends on here JUL 26, 1:01 PM Hope you're doing well JUL 26, 3:32 PM Hi Carma. Hope you're doing well too. Yeah I went through my friends list this summer to simplify my Facebook feed and took out people don't know well or talk to. No offense intended, just trying to de clutter and simplify my life Gotcha. well just know I truly miss seeing vou on here Hope you're doing well 5:23 PM Messenger 5:23 PM Hello I wanted to reach out and offer you the opportunity to reinstate with Scentay for absolutely FREE! Once reinstated, I will send you a Tew supplies and help you become Active within the month which will earn you an average of $50! So, what ya think? Want to make a few extra bucks or more?? Carma https://www.ftc.gov/sites/default files/documents ublic comments/trade- requlation-rule-disclosure- requirements-and-prohibitions- concerning-business opportunities- ftc.r51 1993-00008%C2%A0/000 08-57281.pdf www.ftc.gov ftc.gov Messenger I'm not sure what that link is hun It didnt open for me. Hope you're doina well Did you click on it? It's studies that the federal government has run on MLMs which state that only the top earners make any profit. The rest of most downlines actually go in debt trying to do an MLM "side hustle." I'm not interested and please don't contact me about Scentsy again Hope you're doing well too Nope it didn't open for me although l'd highly disagree I make more than some "higher" up than me so I know that it's TRUE We aren't a pyramid scheme or a regular 9 to 5 job in which the higher ups make more money than others. Hope you have a great 2019! Ex scentsy upline hun asks me if I want to come back...pretends to not be able to read link about MLMs being scams

Ex scentsy upline hun asks me if I want to come back...pretends to not be able to read link about MLMs being scams

Bad, Bruh, and Cute: Friday H:28 PM Itsa Motch! Hey what's up Just chilling. Waiting for the Obenauf's to kick in. Obenauf that's going to get you all soft and moist though That's the plan! You may should use extra I mean I have pretty big feet Yeah I might stretch you a little bit We may have to be careful not to rip you at all Will I need a trip to the cobbler if I meet you? Well I don't know what size you are but you may just have to I may knock the sole out TBH I probably need a good resoling already anyway That's okay broke in just means there is experience I'm high asf and not sure how I got to this point I mean seriously bruh, you're hitting on a pair of boots Man there are some kibler elves on my bed that are pole dancing so trying to fuck some boots ain't on me Bath salts or meth? Calm down shrooms Ooooh. Keeping it organic. Pretty sure there gmo But still carbon based Oh shit. The boots passed chemistry Just because I'm cute doesn't mean I'm not smart True true I'm not sure what's real right now I'm so glad I could be part of this experience with you. I'm real, Ryan. So very real. Lol then why you posing as boots or are you actual talking boots Whatever you want to be the truth That's gunna fuck me up Would you rather be talking to boots or a person pretending to be boots? What's your truth, Ryan? I have no idea anymore which is more terrifying How about a human/boot hybrid Oh god bad trip now Take a deep breath and imagine sliding your feet into me Let's not go down that road again I thought that was what you wanted Sent A dude on shrooms tryna get with old boots