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Arguing, Community, and Dad: Waubgeshig Rice @waub Follow There's a lot of talk of "erasing history" this week with few actual examples. Here's one: ask a Anishinaabe person if they know their clan 1:43 PM - 25 Aug 2017 248 Retweets 370 Likes 1 12 t 248 370 Tweet your reply Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h Replying to @waub If they don't, ask why. Chances are it's due to measures imposed by the government to deliberately erase that cultural identity and history. Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h The clan system is crucial to Anishinaabe culture. It defines family lines and outlines roles and responsibilities in communities Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h If you know your clan, you can draw a direct line to your ancestors and how and where they lived on the land before settlers came Waubgeshig Rice Ф @waub Follow But in many communities that clan knowledge is gone because of residential schools, the Indian Act, and other violent efforts of erasure 1:48 PM - 25 Aug 2017 13 Retweets 58 Likes 1358 Tweet your reply Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h Replying to @waub I'm bear clan, but I didn't learn that until late in my childhood. My grandfather died young, and never shared that with his family 60 Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h There was a shame about our Anishinaabe culture that infected our community because of the Indian Act, residential and day schools, etc. 2 6 51 Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h The Indian Agent used to come in and shoot his gun in the air whenever he saw a sweatlodge happening, where culture and history were shared Waubgeshig Rice Ф @waub Follow Violently putting a stop to ceremony erases history. So no one talked about that kind of knowledge for a long time in my community 1:54 PM - 25 Aug 2017 9 Retweets 52 Likes Tweet your reply Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h Replying to @waub It took my dad many years of travelling and visitor elders to finally determine we're bear clan. I'm thankful he made those efforts 2 Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h My wife doesn't know her clan on her Nish side because her grandpa went to residential school and her grandma was raised by missionaries Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h I wish I could help her try to figure that out, but I wouldn't even know where to start. That's an overwhelming hill to climb 3 7 Waubgeshig Rice Ф @waub Follow Losing clan knowledge means Anishinaabe history has been deliberately erased. For many families in many communities, it's gone forever. 2:00 PM - 25 Aug 2017 20 Retweets 70 Likes Waubgeshig Rice Ф @waub Follow I'm sure those who've lost their clan could argue it's much more devastating than changing the name of a school or taking down a statue. 2:01 PM-25 Aug 2017 26 Retweets 128 Likes allthecanadianpolitics: More good discussion on Indigenous twitter about taking down racist statues or renaming schools (i.e. Schools named after John A Macdonald’s who started the Residential School system and many other genocidal policies). This thread is by Waubgeshig Rice‏.

allthecanadianpolitics: More good discussion on Indigenous twitter about taking down racist statues or renaming schools (i.e. Schools named...

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Lovey stuff