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Bad, Fucking, and Future: counsellorsuggestion stop insulting yourself. it doesn't help. rottentrauma But what if it's true counsellorsuggestion it still doesn't help. you can call yourself as many names as you want, but it won't make you a better, happier, healthier or kinder person. punishment doesn't work. only positive reinforcement does. be kind to yourself and get better counsellorsuggestion #but like#what should i do instead??#i know i shouldnt insult myself but also theres nothing to compliment imho#thats my predicament try speaking neutrally about yourself! you fucking idi- it's not that big a mistake. you're worthle-it's okay." you'll never amount to-well, i'm doing alright, i guess." ever heard the phrase "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"? that applies not to just to others but to yourself as well. it's better to think neutrally or not at all than negatively. and once you've got into the habit of that, it's much easier to move to uplifting yourself priboltao this is EXTREMELY hard to do when you hate yourself Cause it's like, there's these two separate people in my head and one of then hates the other SOMUCH that given the chance, it would kill the other, literally murder it but it can't so it just HAS to say as many bad things as it can cause it's the only outlet I see where you're coming from, but it is extremely hard. anipendragon Of course it's hard If it was easy we wouldn't need to do it. If it was easy we wouldn't be giving people tips on how to do it. If it was easy we wouldn't be struggling with the monsters in our minds, day in and day out Why wouldn't it be hard? That's WHY we have to try. That's WHY we have to keep fighting. That's WHY you keep pushing and working with it. Because if you do, it gets a little easier. If you do, you path the way for your future self, if you do, you start to see why we have to do it. Of course its hard. Do you know how long I've hated myself? Do you know how hard it was to start doing this? Do you know how hard it was to put down the knife and the pills and pick up the phone, pick up my soul, three separate times in six years? Do you know how many more times I had to lock myself away to try and fight off the demons and the monsters? Of course it's fucking hard. But that's not a reason to give up. That's the reason to keep fighting. If it wasn't hard, we wouldn't be ill If it wasn't hard, we wouldn't be tired If it wasn't hard, we'd all do it. But hard isn't an excuse. It isn't a reason. It's why we have to try I hated myself for twenty fucking years. I am finally starting to like myself. I'm finally starting to be able to pick up myself and go "no, this isn't a big deal, I can keep going." So of course I see where you're coming from-you're coming from where I was, two years ago, three years ago, four years ago, five, six, seven, eight years ago. And that's why I reblogged this. That's why I believe in this. Because honestly? No matter how much that little voice says "you're worthless", you can keep saying "Tm all right, i guess." and eventually, that starts to work. And it can take months, it can take years, but fucking hell it works. Because you find these teeny tiny reasons to live, to find worth, to enjoy yourself You find reasons to breathe and reasons to get the rest of the help you need. Of course it's hard. If it was easy, it wouldn't be calling "battling mental illness", after all Fuente: counsellorsuggestion 10,036 notas Its a direct order, soldier.