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Being Alone, Crime, and Food: It's impossible for a woman to get ripped abs Women are fucking stupid Why do women think they own the fucking world? They don't! once i thought i wanted women but It's hard enough for MEN to do it NATURALLY and usually they are on Steroids, women hold extra fat on their abdomen (for pregnancy purposes even when not pregnant) and so if you see a woman with abs, she is 100% on steroids. If you see a man with Abs , 90% hes on steroids, depending how dry it is there, if the six pack is just little visible he might be natty. Also women with abs are not HOT, You hear things like " women wanna feel strong" but that is masculine trait, women are supposed to stay with femininity which is not being psychically strong. Most women into bodybuilding are sick mentally or lesbiiiaaan. i've now realised that i'm too smart and such an intellect that i've rose in to a higher being than these fleshlight whores. 1 Share Vote 5 Rape fantasies are the only appropriate fantasy for virgins T have been trying to have sex for years and years now, and I have realized for us virgins, rape is the only realistic scenario to have sex. I have been trying to date but no women have came to my standard (be even close to as good as me in intelligentince, creativity, and the whole shabang) and If you are not imaging rape you are a sad thing. You're a virgin its the only way you will have sex so be real with yourself. t Vote 14 Share The problem with most gender remakes is they aren't realistic Take Oceans 8 for instance. it's just highly unlikely that 8 Women are going to get together and plan some sort of elaborate heist. It just doesn't happen. While on the other hand it's a lot more likely that men would do something like that. This is true for most situations. That's one of Rape shouldn't be treated differently than any other violent attack. Rape should be treated the same as other physical assaults. The idea that rape is a separate more harmful crime came from the old days where a woman's virginity had a value and could be stolen. I don't believe that society still holds this belief, so what makes this any more harmful than someone getting into a fight with another the distinguishing differences between men and women in the first place. You're going to make a gender remake of some kind make sure that it makes sense. Even a movie like Ghostbusters,even though it's a make-believe sci- fi movie,it's highly unlikely you're going to have 4 different women that was strap on particle beam backpacks and fight ghouls when most women are afraid to exterminate rodents let alone a person. Edit: The purpose would be to remove the stigma around reporting a rape and to reduce the trauma that the victims go through. bunch of ghosts. I'm just saying that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and remaking certain movies just throwing a bunch of women in there just for the sake of doing it sometimes makes sense and sometimes it doesn't. 1Share Vote 44 hot girls offer nothing to life since they don't get how to get along 1Share t Vote 94 Girls that say "all men are trashy" are usually slutty and get what's coming to them. i really despise them, and for this reason alone. they just barge into you (literally and metaphorically) since some other guys chase them for sex and it don't have any real space. Sounds harsh but it's a reality and these idiots won't realise it until they're at least 26 or a single mother... Like I recall a few weeks ago, I was at a train station and some hot bitches came and asked me what time it is. I had finished a long meeting for a sports group I go to, and i was really hungry so was enjoying some sandwiches, and they got pissed off that I took so long to respond (since l literally had food in my mouth). I told them to fuck off afterwards, since I don't owe them shit, and I had food in my mouth. and they were the ones who got angry, but fuck them. retards. Here's the simple formula: If you act slutty, you will attract tossers who want to objectify you. Pretty plain and simple really. Oh boy am I excited to see how people react to this pos... Best of unpopularopinions: Women-Edition