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Abc, Ass, and Barber: He must have said some real dumb shit to necked so mf hard it ended up on ABC 13 ABC13 Houston @abc13houstor Elementary school sends warning about "necking" game abc13.co/2PmzaB3 This next generation is sooooooo soft. First of all it ain’t even called necking. That’s when your dick getting swallowed by a real one and the head of your dick smacking her voice box. You ain’t no real nigga if you ain’t have your neck pimp slapped. Coming to school after getting a hair cut was the worse. The pain from this use to be unbearable. It wasn’t even the pain that use to catch me, it was just that niggas had no moderation or chill when they did this. You could be chugging some chocolate milk and unexpectedly here comes Malik heavy handed ass. End up coughing up a lung. This why everybody got that damn 2k haircut fade. we not tryna go back to those days. And don’t even start me when your birthday come around. We use to get jumped for our birthday. Birthday punches use to cause fights. You know kids in the hood got pinned up aggression. You think it’s your homie giving you a homie punch? Nah nigga just mad all his fruit roll ups is gone, there’s some extra behind that hit. Plus stop don’t mean stop that mean man up pussy. I got hit in my back so hard one time homie played Jenga with my spine. Whole back collapsed and I walk like a Dead Space boss villain. When that alcohol hit my neck in the barber chair it burn like usher. Neck sizzling like a benihana grill.