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Ass, Bad, and Bad Blood: When I found out wrestling was fake This was the worse day of my life. I should’ve noticed that shit was fake from the time undertaker won 21 straight times at Wrestlemania. I don’t even get on 4 game win streaks in 2k at the Park, when I play with myself i don’t even last 21 seconds. It was Choir rehearsal & i was forced to go with my mom. It was me and a couple of my church friends. Choir rehearsal was on friday nights so i missed friday night smack down. We was in the church basement where we use to pretend to wrestle and host our own friday night smack down. I always wanted to be triple H but my niggas said I was too fat so i ended up playing as Mark Henry.That shit was hella fun I couldn’t even lie. Wrestlemania was coming up and my niqqa John Cena was going against Triple H for the WWE championship. My boy Kevin was Cena and Mat was Triple H. These niggas had bad blood so it was about to be a heated main event. They fighting and shits getting intense. You knew shit was real when Mat picked up a chair and threw it across the room and it knocked over the picture of Jesus. I felt Deacon Johnson turn in his grave. These niggas went outside on some Smack down here comes the pain shit. We all followed. It looked like Mat was about to lose when our pastor comes outside to break up the fight. Im thinking shit was over but my boy Kevin hit Pastors William's with the F.U. This nigga didn’t Care. I prayed as Pastor Williams laid there waiting to be pinned for the intercontinental championship. Mat got tight cause that was his ride home. Mat hit kevin with a Pedigree with the so much force my balls jiggled. I couldn’t believe what was happening i was bout to dip cause i didn’t see or hear shit but when i turnt my mom hit my shit with the sweet chin music. Put my ass to sleep. I woke up to a ass whooping. I don’t know how Mat got home. When i went to church Pastor Williams couldn’t walk the same, Kevin head was disformed by that vicious pedigree, Nigga has a almond head now.