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4chan, 9gag, and Ass: 6:17PM ty rockers in th e house tn :17PM 6:18PM y bo 6:19PM dy gonna hav 6:19PM e a good t ime and gon> make you lose your mind ev erybody just have a go od time and we gon ma ke you lose your min d we just wan ake that THIS MEME WAS MADE BY GANG WEED Hehehehe, Peter Griffin is here to explain this funny maymay again! Now, the humour of complex, so if don't have a basic understanding of memes, you need to read an explanation of mine on that topic, which l already posted here! So, are we looking at, exactly? This image is basically a conversation on a cellphone app known as "WhatsApp" (It's like SMS but for Millennials, if you don't understand!) The text in that conversation might seem like typical Internet slang Millenials use, but, as I deeply analyzed and decrypted the text, it turns out that it's actually parts of the lyrics of "Party Rock Anthem", made by LMFAO (Laughing My Fucking Ass Off)! But why is the text of that song cut into the different messages? Well, I have the answer to that. In fact, cutting parts of the lyrics into pieces and putting it into seemingly random places is actually a maymay that has been going on for a while now! The joke in it is the pure absurdity of putting the music text into such random places which by the way is even written wrong! For example, the messages begin with "Party Rockers", while Party Rock anthem actually begins with "Party Rock!"! Only after a while "Party Rock is" is said, but not "Party Rockers"! That funny detail made me LOL (Laughing out loud) out loud! But then, I discovered that there is way more in this maymay than just the lyrics of Party Rock Anthem! For example, look at the caption above the messages. Already get it? It's a low quality version of a bunch of smileys randomly thrown together, making it appear ike it was screenshotted and posted again and again! (That method is also known as Deepfrying") But there is even more! As you can see, some of the text is covered up by an image that consists of the face of the Joker with the caption "THIS MEME WAS MADE BY GANG WEED". However, it's not what you think it is! I, too, thought it was a simple watermark made by the maymay- creator "Gang Weed", but then I realized that this signature is part of joke too! This time, it's based on the also-named maymay, where you post text like "We live in a society" onto a picture of the Joker, who is the antagonist from the comic book "Batman" The joke in such posts is that you ironically play as a basement-dweller calling himself "Gangweed", who posts pseudo-deep maymays and complaints about "Chads" and "Stacies"! (That maymay is its own topic, so I will make another explanation for that one) This also brings us to the joke of this maymay in its entirety. Due to the clues given to us and the overall absurdity of the image, we can make out that this maymay is an ironic one. Because of that, we can make out that this post probably comes from Reddit, because sites like 9GAG rarely have ironic posts and sites like 4chan would probably not post a meme without any hostility against women or minorities. So, what kind of person is the average Reddit user? This, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the real joke in this posts. The average Reddit user is a depressed Target employee who is in college dept and has never had sex. The life of such a person is the ultimate joke in this internet maymay. Signed, Peter Griffin funny.ce