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Anaconda, Energy, and Food: t1 Gravitas Free Zone Retweeted db pooper @lonelydandruff 2h I just realised americans think their medicine costs as much as they're charged for it Your Trusted Wizard @Choplogik iguess if i was an american & saw all the wildly exorbitant medical bills people get i would wonder how universal healthcare'd get paid for 07 216 357 bogleech: the-library-alcove: flyingfishtailoutpost1: thebibliosphere: lizardtitties: withasmoothroundstone: robstmartin: titleknown: Blogging this tweet because this explains SO MUCH about the mindset of pretty much all the folks I’ve known who’re against single-payer, it’s not even funny… This…. This never occurred to me. Not once. That Americans are against Health Care because they think it actually costs tens of thousands of dollars for a broken arm, hundreds of thousands for a complicated birth, millions for cancer treatment. Because they’ve never known anything different. The idea that a broken arm is only a couple hundred bucks; a complicated birth a couple thousand; cancer treatment only tens of thousands; all easily covered by existing tax structures. This explains a lot.  And it’s a good example of what I was talking about in my post on scarcity being used to prop up ableism – always question the idea that a resource is genuinely scarce.  Even if it seems obvious that it is, quite often that’s the result of careful manipulation and misconceptions that you’re not even aware of.   And never think you’re too smart to be fooled by that kind of thing, it doesn’t work like that.  Similarly, don’t think people who are fooled by something are stupid.  Nobody can have all the information about everything, and nobody has the time and energy to investigate and put together conscious conclusions about every piece of information they’re given.  It doesn’t take being stupid, or even just gullible, to believe something like this. I currently live in a country without free medical care and still, it’s enormously cheap compared to the USA. An American expat wrote a piece for our English language paper about how she paid more for parking at the hospital than giving birth to her baby that’s pretty interesting: https://grapevine.is/mag/articles/2016/01/06/healthcare-in-iceland-vs-the-us-weve-got-it-so-good/ Yesterday I had to go to the hospital cause I injured my eye, I’m frankly dreading what the bill is going to be, but what made me balk was being told in the pharmacy that my insurance was denied for the antibiotic eye drops and it’d be over $100 out of pocket. So I didn’t get my eyedrops. I’ve had these same drops before living in the UK. They cost me seven GBP. It’s the exact same drug, same steroid, same strain of antibiotic. But somehow the US gets away with charging $100 for a generic non brand version of a drug which is easy to create and widely used. It’s downright robbery, but also a form of eugenics through poverty and class warfare. You keep the poor poor by making sure basic necessities remain unattainable and then you make it seem like the norm so no one fights it. The rest of the world is not like this. Eat the rich. Resist. It’s downright robbery, but also a form of eugenics through poverty and class warfare. THIS. THISTHISTHIS. THIS IS WHAT I KEEP TRYING TO TELL PEOPLE. My blood pressure medication (Candesartan) costs between $40-$125 USD for 30 tablets in the US.Here in Germany, 98 tablets costs me 5 Euro. The worst part is, the people pocketing the most of this money are powerful enough to keep it this way, and in the event that legislation of some kind actually brought prices down, they could cry to the government that their profits were taken from them and lobby to “make up” their losses in some way that you can guarantee will still hurt the lower classes.Most likely, they would end up getting billions in corporate welfare, and when it came time to make any budget cuts, they’d be able to use the same influence to keep their handouts while welfare and food stamps for poorer, hungrier people end up on the chopping block first.
Candy, Christmas, and Gif: AT&T LTE 10:40 AM e * 67%. Amelia YOU MATCHED WITH AMELIA ON 6/23/18 A lost duck is walking through the forest. Which way does he go? To the left The duck waddles along and ends up by a lake. Farther along the shore is a bridge he can cross to get to the other side. Should the duck swim across the lake or go towards the bridge? Bridge Also... why is there a Christmas tree outside With night approaching the duck crosses the bridge. Smart decision as alligators are seen hiding in the lake The duck has a weird feeling there might have been treasure under the Christmas tree he passed. "Too late" he says to himself. On the other side the duck finds an abandoned mining town. However, power is still running Should the duck investigate one of the houses or pass through the town towards the mountain? Sk Omg this is a risky choice but the duck should investigate the house The duck is hesitant but decides to investigate the house. He finds that the front door is unlocked and slowly opens it, searching for any danger. He finds nothing of danger but keeps his guard up. In the entry way is an old Christmas tree, a desk with a phone and two doors. Where should he go? The Christmas tree The duck investigates under the Christmas tree and finds some old presents. With no one living in the town he decides to open them. He finds a hat making him feel way cooler, and some candy that he decides to eat. "Man I'm cool" says the duck. Should the duck leave or continue to investigate the house? Continue to investigate The duck looks into the two doors and finds the rooms are empty. "They must've left in a hurry" he says. The duck waddles to the desk and searches it finding nothing but a torn note. On it is written "Amelia's number" but the rest of the note is gone. The duck wonders if he should try a random phone number or leave the house and head towards the mountain. What should he do? Sunday 9:58 PM Try a random phone number Yesterday 4:31 PM The duck wonders what Amelia's phone number could be. What number should he try? Sent Today 10:06 AM GIF Type a message Apologies if its a repost. It madeth me laugh

Apologies if its a repost. It madeth me laugh

Being Alone, Ass, and Family: Trevor Moore Follow @itrevormoore Remember. Kevin McCallister could have phoned the police at any time. He was a child who had accidentally been left alone. One call and he would have been safe. But it was never about safety. He was hunting those men. He wanted them to die. It was fun for him. He enjoyed it. 6:48 PM-25 Dec 2018 28,136 Retweets 140,632 Likes· @O.. dynastylnoire: that-catholic-shinobi: celticpyro: greater-than-the-sword: klubbhead: refurbishedchild: klubbhead: mysharona1987: Like, I know he is only eight. But the movie makes a big deal of saying he an incredibly smart eight year old. MENSA- levels of IQ.  Some of those traps were ingenious.  One 911 phone call saying ‘Help me.’ All it would have taken for this whole mess to get sorted.  The police come in, take good care of Kevin till the family arrives.  Arrest Harry and Marv.   But, no. Kevin chose the dark path of cruel sadism.  Kevin was a Sith How can anyone both see the Home Alone series, and think gun control will reduce violence? GIVE👏MINORS👏ACCESS👏TO👏GUNS👏 Let me just come back in defense of Kevin. If Kevin was so smart, he must have known that calling the police would cause his family to get in trouble for leaving him alone at the house. Given Kevin’s other actions in the movie, such as pretending that he was shopping for his mom who was in the car, it seems pretty evident that he took pains to keep adults, even responsible ones, from knowing that he was alone in the house. This shows a distrust of the establishment, and it’s possible that Kevin was even aware (as I was at the age of 8) of the general concept of a CPS investigation. By refusing to call the police, Kevin was acting selflessly to keep his family from being split further. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. A couple of bandits come to rob some poor eight-year-old’s home and you call him a sadist for taking direct action. If some mofos came and invaded the safety of MY domicile you bet your sweet ass I’d concoct the most brutal means of retaliation imaginable to ensure those bastards never set foot in another home ever again. Broke: Kevin was a sadist Woke: Kevin didn’t trust the establishment and didn’t want CPS to investigate his parents Bespoke: Kevin had a God given right to defend his property Here for all Kevin McAllister theories
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America, College, and Drinking: PART 2 OF 2 Hon. Brett M. Kavanaugh U.S. NEWS KAVANAUGH'S TESTIMONY Sept 27 | Judge Brett Kavanaugh completec his testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee following Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's hearing. Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, completed his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, following the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. In Kavanaugh’s opening statement, he assured that he would not be intimidated. Kavanaugh said: - "You may defeat me in the final vote, but I will not quit. I have never sexually assaulted anyone." ____ When Kavanaugh was asked by Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) why he did not ask the FBI to investigate, the Supreme Court nominee said: - "The FBI doesn’t reach a conclusion. It’s an outrage that I was not allowed to come [before the committee] and immediately defend my name." ___ When asked about his history with drinking, specifically in high school and college, Kavanaugh repeatedly stated he never drank to the extent of “blacking out.” ___ Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that Kavanaugh is as much of a victim as Dr. Blasey Ford, describing the hearing as “the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics." ___ Brett Kavanaugh stated that he has not taken a polygraph test yet, but will if asked. ___ Minutes after the hearing ended, President Trump tweeted: - “Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him. His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. Democrats’ search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. The Senate must vote!” ___ Photo: Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times

Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, completed his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, following the testimony of Dr. ...