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Memes, Calendar, and Rugs: The GUIDE YOU ARE NOT ALONE Let's Talk YOU ARE NOT ALONE…. LET’S TALK In honor of Bell Canada’s Mental Health Awareness Day we wanted to open the conversation about Mental Health and offer our support. Please share this message with anyone who might need support. Here at The Boss Bitch Guide we are no strangers to mental illness and have no problem sharing our stories. Both of us have been diagnosed with a mental illness that at times was debilitating for us. We can’t even count the numbers hours spent crying for what seems like no reason curled up in a ball in bed not wanting to face the world. We can’t begin to express the darkness of our thoughts and the overwhelming feelings of “what’s the fucking point”. We’ve both lost friends to suicide and have both seen first-hand how a community can completely ostracize someone for having a mental illness, which in turn sends them into a deeper spiral causing them to get worse, resulting in even more ill treatment from the community. Treat someone like a dog, they’ll begin to act like one. Mental Health is hard to see but it’s one of the most widespread health issues in the world. It’s not the same as a physical injury like a broken bone where you can actually see that someone should get medical attention. It’s an invisible illness that we don’t talk about often enough. Statistics show that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness this year, however two-thirds don’t seek out help because of the stigma around having a mental illness. You might not personally have a mental illness but it is highly likely that you know someone who does. Did you know that only 49% of Canadian say they would socialize with a friend who had a mental illness. WTF right?!?! Mental illness is a thing. It’s a serious thing. It’s not something to laugh about. It’s not something to sweep under the rug and pretend doesn’t exist. It’s not something that anyone should have to suffer in silence about or worse, feel like their only option is suicide. If you or anyone you know needs to talk we are opening up our calendar. This isn't an attempt to pitch or promo you. We have been there, we understand, don't suffer in silence letstalk (Link in the BIO to schedule a call)