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Memes, Squidward, and Answer the Phone: When you hear your mom pullin up in the driveway and you haven't done any of your chores yet Gatlsavagee @drip memes House Fancy And then there's this episode which is notoriously hated for its disgusting toenail scene. However the only good thing about the episode in my opinion was that Squilliam appeared here. Is it me or did Squilliam come off as very flirty in this episode? Let me explain… It starts off with Squidward getting ready to watch his favorite TV show, House Fancy. Before he can enjoy himself the phone rings. Squidward decides which voice to use and answers the phone. When Squidward picks up the phone and says helloooo sweetly, Squilliam says helloooo sweetly back to him! (The cutest moment between these two!) Not to mention that when Squidward realizes that Squilliam is on House Fancy, we literally can hear his heartbeat pounding really loud and fast. Once again, Squilliam seems to know Squidward like a book and knows he likes watching House Fancy. As usual Squilliam enjoys chatting with Squiddy and like I've said before, Squilliam was behaving flirtatious toward him, even giggling! After that, Squilliam proceeds to show off his fancy mansion and Squidward watches him do it while growing increasingly irritated. (Notice during the whole show, Squilliam is constantly smirking at the camera because he knows Squidward is out there watching and he's reveling in the attention.) Another thing I've noticed is when Squilliam answers his phone; he does exactly what Squidward did with the eyelashes and sweet hellos. And finally, Squilliam seemed awfully disappointed that Squidward was only calling to tell Nicolas Whithers that his house was fancier. (What's wrong, Squilliam? Were you hoping that Squidward wanted to come see you?)

House Fancy And then there's this episode which is notoriously hated for its disgusting toenail scene. However the only good thing about the...

Memes, A Big Mac, and Black Guy: Employees: We want $15 an hour McDonalds ORDER ORDER HERE HERE TTStoryTime Sorry for no captions. It's the new 🌊 tho - I don't usually like eating fast food but a nigga is starving word to Ethiopia. So I pull into the McDonald's drive thru and wait for the machine to talk. "Hi welcome to McDonald's" "Hi, can I have a large ice cream cone with no cone and no ice cream?" "Ice cream machine broke." "Damn OK. Well in that case can I have a Big Mac and a small drink?" "🅱IG Ma🅱 Ma🅱chine broke." "What? What's a 🅱ig Ma🅱?" "My nigga you don't know what a 🅱ig Ma🅱 is? 😂👋👌💯" "What language are you speaking?' "Sir can you please order there are people behind you." "Ummm okay... Can I just have a large drink?" "Drink machine broke." "Ugh I'm tired of this let me speak to the manager!" "Manager machine broke." At this point I'm so irritated I park my car and walk into the building. "Can I please speak to the person in charge?" I say to cashier. "Person in charge machine broke." I face-palmed and walk out of the door. I went to the trunk of my car and pulled out the M14 I was saving for class tomorrow. When I entered the store again, I pointed the gun at all of the employees. The people behind me screamed and ran. Noone dared move. "Ima give y'all motherfuckers one more chance. Either I talk to who's in charge or I kill all of you. What's it gonna be?" To my left I see a black guy in a wheelchair dressed differently roll towards the register. "Are you the manager?" I ask. He nods. "Why the hell are your employees saying the machines are broken?" He gestures behind him. It was the Ice cream machine with a note on it that read: "Broke" To the right was another machine Id never seen before. "🅱ig Ma🅱 ma🅱hine broke." He said. I looked at his wheelchair. His legs were skinny and lifeless. "Manager machine broke?" I asked. He nodded. "O." I say quietly. I put the gun down and walk out of the store. Suddenly I realized I forgot something. I turn around and say: "What about the Person in charge machine?" "Nigga is you dumb?" All the employees laugh. Little did they know I still had that M14 in my hands 😉