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Animals, Children, and Clothes: To the person who uses metal straws to save fish but consumes animals, I'd like to say thank you. To the vegan who isn't aware of our homelessness problem, thank you. To the climate change activists who aren't attentive to fast fashion, thank you. To the girl who gives her old clothes to the disadvantaged but isn't educated on sex trafficking, thank you. To the guy who picks up rubbish on his way home from a surf but isn't well-informed about male suicide rates, thank you. To the people who stand up for horse racing concerns but are uninformed of the cruelty of the dairy industry, thank you. To the positive Instagram influencer who hasn't cultivated a plastic-free lifestyle, thank you. To the grandparents who knit for sick children but aren't up to date with current race and homophobic issues, thank you. To the students that stand up for bullying but are unaware of the constant domestic violence epidemic, thank you. To the peace activists, feminists, stray dog adopters, teachers, volunteers, foster carers, recyclers, givers, doers and believers, I say thank you. We are all on a different path and we all see through different eyes. Current world issues that you are passionate about, aren't always what other people are trying to change... and that's okay. It's not everyone's job to save every part of the world but it is everyone's responsibility to thank every person who is doing THEIR part to save the world. Don't critic, just appreciate. Don't judge, just educate. We're all trying our best. Thank vou. To everyone doing their small part, thank you

To everyone doing their small part, thank you

Children, Comfortable, and Family: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC Following If by 'the Latina thing,' she means I actually do the work instead of just talk about it, then yeah, I'm doing 'the Latina thing. Unless of course she's talking about being multilingual, which we know isn't a 'Latina thing It's a '21st century' thing Laura Ingraham And Guest Mock 'Anastasio' Ocasio-Cortez For Doi... Laura Ingraham and a guest on her prime-time Fox News show mocked Rep yahoo.com Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez O @AOC Following "How dare they refuse to say their name in a wrong accent & not mangle their own family name so that I can feel more comfortable instead of look inside myself & examine why something as small as *a person's name* makes me uncomfortable in the first place?? This is an outrage!" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez* Following @AOC By the way: Fox News likes to say my name (incorrectly) as "Cortez," which lI can only imagine is bc that sounds more 'stereotypically' Hispanic probably incites more anxiety' for them Pro Tip: My last name is not "Cortez," just as theirs isn't "Inara" or "Carl" or "Hann ." 5:51 PM -20 Mar 2019 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Following @AOC My last name is Ocasio-Cortez. Full stop. That's my name. No, you can't say "Cortez." l've never used that in my life. "Cortez" is referring to someone else Even if they're trying to be rude + wrong, my dad's last name was Ocasio anyway. (His name was hyphenated too, though.) 6:01 PM 20 Mar 2019 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC Following For the curious, in Latinx culture children take *both* their parents' names. It's not a "progressive, new thing." It's just how some names work. PR hyphenates, others mark differently. Your last name: the families that came together to make you. AOC is also fine though :) 6:19 PM-20 Mar 2019 imfemalewarrior: endangered-justice-seeker: Some pundits dislike it when people of color pronounce their own names correctly Getting someone’s name correct is a sign of Respect.  -FemaleWarrior, She/They 

imfemalewarrior: endangered-justice-seeker: Some pundits dislike it when people of color pronounce their own names correctly Getting som...