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Dad, Family, and Fucking: Drew @Drew_Magic_ And y'all believe they don't have the cure to Cancer and HIV/AIDS? Tuuhhhh KDKA @KDKA INCREDIBLE! After a soldier lost her left ear in a car crash, Army surgeons were able to grow a new ear in her forearm and transplant it onto her head. cbsloc.al/2rudyaO Drew @Drew_Magic_ DING DING FUCKING DING I work in immunological research and it's a well known secret amongst us that Roche developed a cure for several strains of HIV through genetic therapy 20 years ago but because HIV affects certain communities that don't have money they won't bother releasing it. I have the papers do you want than? 11:35 PM 5/10/18, 11:38 PM 4/5 Drew @Drew_Magic THE PLOT THICKENS Bro my sister work in labs with rats where they inject them with cancer then cure it. She just clean the cages but she said they have a cure 10:15 PM You accepted the request Wow 10:16 PM Your tweet is incredibly disrespectful to those who spent DECADES of their lives pursuing higher education, Struggling through graduate/ medical school, and spend hours upon hours in a lab doing biological research to try to find ways to cure cancer. 9:34 PM You accepted the request Shut the fuck up 9:34 PM Drew @Drew_Magic_ 21h Y'all act like y'all never heard of Dr. Sebi. And if you haven't please do your research. 34 519 2,644 Drew @Drew Magic_ 20h Dad told me about a man who made a pill that could be dropped in a gas tank full of water and the car would run fine... whole family disappeared 43t601 3,321 Drew @Drew Magic_.19h Y'all really soak up all the lies the government feeds y'all and it's so hot damn sad. Big Pharma ain't no joke and it ain't a conspiracy you just wanna be dumbv 23 659 3,235 Drew @Drew _Magic_ 18h Dawg you come in my DMs with this shit I'm cussing you out with no remorse ilovebigbootyhoes: onlyblackgirl: brownn-sugar: do I even need to say anything? 🤔 Doesn’t everyone know this at this point? It’s like a loudly kept secret that the health industry keeps people sick because cures aren’t profitable. They still force women into c-sections who don’t need them because it’s more profitable for hospitals. @pastpresentanimelovers see I knew some shit was up and yes I know its just a tumblr post but still