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Swing and a Miss: YOU MATCHED WITH JENIFFER ON 12/13/19 Odds What's going on with ur worriers this year ? Lmfaoooo You know what it is, we rebuilding. I get it I get it my team is rebuilding too What's your team Spurs fan Team Heartbroken Leave us alone all our legends retired plus we lost kawai I'm kidding Demar I say that out loud Demar I cringe at what I just said Same same but all our legends hurt. And this cold weather giving me a bum knee. Does that make me a legend? I know everyone getting hurt nI hate that the lakers are doing ok Are u a legend ? Is the real question I hate the lakers too Hell yah i am In one of the few Asians that isn't lactose intolerant That means in legen dairy I'm Omg l've never heard of an Asian being lactose Must be ur friend only Forreal Foreal foreal lol Do you even know any Asians And I know a lot of Asians Also do you know cows have terrible balance They lactoes Make Name one * Huh Im lost now Cows have hooves They lack toes Meaning they don't have any toes cause they have hooves. Omg That's how I know you lying about knowing Asians You ain't got no sense of humor I do Imao NOIR VICELAND Tell me a joke Ima beat ur ass Sike Theirs ur joke lol jk The only thing you about to beat Is about 6 large eggs Cause you about to help me make breakfast in the morning? Yes ur so funny Damn That was smooth as fuck And I wasted it on your no sense of humor having ass How bout u make me breakfast N bring it to me Why are we even matched still The Spurs suck But they don't suck as much as your jokes Sent Because we are both cute First of all I have humor lol at a comedy club for 4 years I worked Ur just corny Bruhhh Sweeping floors at a comedy club don't make you funny Tell me how u really feel I will! I hate the fact that you use u and ur instead of you and you're. That's lazy And it pisses me off. The only time l'll see a period in this conversation is when it's that time of the month. Sent Send Type a message GIF Swing and a Miss