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I hung out with this guy once. When I didn’t reply to his texts right away, this is what I received.: Verizon 3:58 PM 80% HEY YOU, i'm sorry i had to 1 of2 HEY YOU, i'm sorry i had t<o April 3, 2011 at 6:14 PM Found in Inbox HEYYYY YOU,I HAD TOO, i dont know if or when will see eachother. i know we arn't exactly friend's, perhaps not even friends at all, but i was wondering since i'm finally back.. got my shit together, if all i wanted to do is make amends to would be helpful to know if she didn't even want me to try. i wouldn't want to be a burden once again. i just need a closure. obviously she never wants to see me again and i get that. but love has always been too complicated for me especially intimacy i ran.. i ran so far away.. but through the grape vine should i just carry on like i have been and what has been said is done, history. it's obvious i'm no longer in here life, is that nail already on the cross? i need to know but don't, cause i pretty sure i know the truth she just doesn't want me talkin to her so i thought id ask vou. i'm sorry for gettin u involved i'm sure your still friends, it i dont know why i'm saving this, probably because i know voull respond instead of stupid text messages but i got to things to say, i'm willing and honest for change and most importantly open for business, to play.. the game. the second thing is unless you want to rack up all the guys you hook up with for your rest of your life. then I want to show vou how to experience what love is really about to be free pril 3 at 5:44pm if we ever got together, and i'm not talking intimately i would never argue or abandon you, i couldn't live with myself if i ever did What i'm getting at is, I Really Like you. just like in the movies i think you know i like like you and i didn't want to ruin it in grade school, so it could be a supprise. and we could be anyone we wanted. do anything we wanted to do, us sitting on top of the world biding time growing old in reality you probably think i'm crazy maybe somewhere down the line we could give going out a try when we both have everything together, ( me more so than you) but the truth is: pril 3 at 5:50pm I THINK, psycho, i know i was sitting next to you last nite during the happiest moment id have to say of mylfe. i could be myself with you, kinda sorta. i didnt' want that moment to end i when vou got off that bench i just want to grab you and pull you right back down as if you were my baby and i had to take care of you for the rest of our lives. i hoenstly can't get you out of my head. and i'm about to have a jam session write some new songs and can't help but think if you feel the same way towards me. IT"S literaly killing me, each step you walked away last nite was like getting punched in the face. this next reply will make it simple for you to understand April 3 at 5:52pm i ignored you in middle school on purpose so last nite could exist, because if i didnt it wouldn't have, I love you. even if you dont feel the same way, even if you love me as a friend or don't i have this feeling that once we get to know eachother after 2 days, not one the skies won't have a single limit i'm obsessed, i wonder how you feel cause i can't explain what you did to me yesturday. i SAW, an endless paradise and it wouldnt be adequate at all unless you were their seeing me holding your hand, right next to vou side bv side thats the truth want to see what we could find.. (i just dont know about you) think about it.. nothing written in stone i just I hung out with this guy once. When I didn’t reply to his texts right away, this is what I received.

I hung out with this guy once. When I didn’t reply to his texts right away, this is what I received.

OSCAR MAIA — Commemorative Book — 20 Years of Guimarães Jazz: aue o sucesso alcançado pelo Jazz em Guimarães confirma plenamente- broadening the horizons of conventional confirmed by the success and popularity of o Jazz, na verdade, encontrou no Festival de Guimarães espaço e assento. rors of rigid, identity-based classifications The history of Cuimarães Jazz is melded to the history of the city's cultural evolution. A fugaz passagem pelo Teatro Jordão, em 1993, inaugurou a possibilidade de se cruzarem experiencilas com musieos nteriacioidis coo home in the Cuimarães Jazz Festival. r The short time the festival was held at the portugueses. Em consonáncia com o espírito do festival fomentou-se uma ligação mais informal, mais espontânea com a cidade levando o jazz às pra- TeatroJordio, in 2995- tomational that began with performances in the hall of the Palace of the Dukes, now hosted since cas, aos cafés proporcionando momentos únicos e irrepetiveis dos quais musical figures, that being the year featur- importa destacar as Jam Sessions no Convívio Ivo Martins, director artístico a partir da quarta edição, em 1995, a segun- da no Auditório da Universidade do Minho, chamou a si ing Art Framer, Mal Waldron and Hermeto- cates that over the last twenty years we have Pascoal, who invited Portuguese musicians to taken a quantum leap with regard to the development of cultural spaces and initia- perform with them. The spirit of the festival ber os dialog l colocada entre as origens ricanas e o actual then was particularly informal and spontane- ous, with the city placing the jazz concerts vs, renected in the creative energy has contexto ocidental desta música. Uma perspectiva que reflecte e interro- ga a complexificação das questões da hibridação cultural através de artis- ol and unforgettable mo- become a leading player in the history of cultural change The Guimardes Jazz Festival, having spanned twenty years of time, now awaits us every autumn with the offering of some small untangling of our everyday life with a bit of Cuimarães. ments, the most memorable of which were jazz, alargando deste modo os horizontes das expectativas convencionais the Jam Sessions at the Convivio Association. Ivo Martins, the Artistic Director beginning e exibindo os equívocos das classificações identitárias rígidas. A história do Guimarães Jazz cruza-se com a história da evolução cultura with the fourth edition of the festival in second season at the ao Centro Cultural Vila Flor, a partir de 2005, sinaliza que as- Auditorium of Minho University) took up improvisation in music. 1 sistimos nos últimos vinte anos a um salto quantico no desenvolvimento de espaços e iniciativas culturais, espelho das energias criativas que mobi- lizaram necessidades crescentes e protagonizaram a história c strive to show the artists work at the cul- the world,, but we still believe that even for a mudança us the wines to cultural de Guimarães. over life's imperfections". And thus, as with the music and its current Western context O Guimarães Jazz que atravessou o tempo e todos sa espera para desfazer com improvisação a estabilidade do quotidiano. Outonos está à nos- This is a perspective which is reflected in and which questions the ever complex issues of cultural hybridization occurring when artists Já não há ninguém que possa sugerir que a arte pode salvar o mundo, mas acreditamos que, por instantes, "ela nos da asas era esivel. as im- come into a relationship not only with their perfeições". E. al como no Jazz, o inesperado permanece origins but also with the history of jazz, thus Cultural OSCAR MAIA — Commemorative Book — 20 Years of Guimarães Jazz

OSCAR MAIA — Commemorative Book — 20 Years of Guimarães Jazz

Jazz in France - Thelonious Monk: LE QUARTET GERRY MULLIGAN, THELONIUS MONK et JONAH JONES 3me Salon International du Jazz au B IEN que leur réputation soit déjà considérable aux Etats-Unis, les noms de Gerry Mulligan, Bob Brookmayer, Jonah Jones, Thelonius Monk ou Mary Lou Williams n'ont pas encore eu le temps de se du public français. répandre auprès La montée de Gerry Mulligan Quartet est considérée aux Etats-Unis comme le plus important événement musical des dernières années et Gerry Mulligan, comme son partenaire, le trombone Bob Brookmayer, se sont tous deux classés en tête du dernier référendum de la revue améri caine Down at > En Amérique comme en Angleterre ou en Scandinavie, leurs disques ont battu tous les records de vente et nous pensons que l'audition directe de prestigieux ensemble lui vaudra bientôt la place qui lui revient auprès des amateurs français. ce Beaucoup considèrent Jonah Jones comme le meilleur trompettiste après Louis Armstrong, d'où le surnom qui lui fut donné de « Louis II. Avec le clarinettiste Albert Nicholas, le populaire Sidney Bechet et Don Byas, les jam-sessions promettent de beaux moments. En Europe depuis quelques mois, la célèbre pianiste Mary Lou Williams n'a guère eu l'occasion de se faire entendre en France et sa Pleyel sera d'autant plus intéressante qu'elle se produira aux côtés du légendaire pianiste Thelonius Monk auquel le jazz moderne doit tant. présence à De nombreux pays européens seront représentés au 3 Salon du Jazz depuis I'Allemagne qui, avec le grand orchestre de Kurt Edelhagen, I'un des meilleurs groupements continentaux du genre, jusqu'à la Norvège, en passant par l'Italie, la Grande Bretagne, le Danemark et la Suède qui délèguent à Paris leurs meilleurs ensembles. nous envoie L'Amérique du Sud même, Lalo Scheffrin. représentée par son meilleur pianiste, sera La majorité des musiciens français, de quelque tendance qu'ils soient, sera représentée par ses plus illustres solistes et groupements. L'énuméra- tion en serait ici fastidieuse, puisque vous trouverez plus loin le programme détaillé de ces concerts. Jazz in France - Thelonious Monk

Jazz in France - Thelonious Monk