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Chicken Tendies by _Bond_1 MORE MEMES: omegle Talk to strangers You're chatting with a random stranger on Omegle! You both like Memes. You: Hi Stranger: Hey You: Hiya Stranger: *Karate kicks* Hiya You: Ouch wtf man that hurt Stranger: Yeah, now give me my chicken tendies!! You: No! My chicken tendies *stuffs mouth with chicken tendies* Stranger: Mommy, he stole my tendies!!! Stranger: I'll buy them from you with my good boi points You: Ooh You: How about You: This You: If you solve my testu can keep them Stranger: Deal, mommy always says I'm specia in the head You: Okay You: 69 ? Stranger: Nice You: Minecraft? Stranger: Good You: Fortnite? Stranger: Bad You: Elon musk? Stranger: Is jesus You: Who calls you breathtaking? Stranger: Keanu Reeves You: How many upvotes will this get? Stranger: 7 You: Are you kust gonna scroll past without saying [Unrelated thing] Stranger: Loads LMG with religious intent* intent* Stranger: My spelling are shows you how serious I was You: I have_ friends Stranger: My mommy says not to lie, so you shouln't either You: Youtube ads are? Stranger: Fucking bullshit You: Reddit is? Stranger: The best You: the logo of the subreddit r/memes is? Stranger: Butter Stranger: Butter Stranger: If it hasn't changed You: Mods are Stranger: More gay than James Charles You: Huzzah! A man of culture! You passed with more flying colours than a mod orgy!! Here are your chicken tendies Stranger: Tendy Time!!! You: You also win the rights to post this on reddi to get your 7 upvotes You: Unless its your cake day You: Then u get 13 upvotes Stranger: Thank you, I hope we meet again someday. Until then live a great life Stranger has disconnected. Chicken Tendies by _Bond_1 MORE MEMES