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Ass, Disney, and Dude: WELL, WHO WANTS TO WORK AT THIS STUPID... FAKEY LUAU ANYWAY angrynebula: brunhiddensmusings: lady-violaceous: lyrangalia: oakumura: gnarly-art: Lilo and Stitch presenting an accurate representation of Hawaiians perspective on luaus held by tourists.  #what’s sad about this is that this is actually what Hawaiians had to do when the western culture took over #a luau was a sacred practice #until the westerners took the concept and had the audacity to change it into a time to stuff your face with food and put on grass skirts and coconut bras and dance the hula #and when they had these events, they didn’t even let actual Hawaiian people in #so to make money to take care of themselves, the Hawaiians were hired to work in these disgraceful events to clean up after the tourists like slaves only to make less than a buck #so good job disney for doing your fucking research and educating these people #sadly, this still goes on even until today and it makes me sick “good job disney” my ass, good job CHRIS SANDERS Let’s not credit just Chris Sanders for this. This happened because they cast actual Hawaiian Actors like Tia Carrere and Jason Scott Lee to play Hawaiian characters, and allowed the actors to have input into writing the characters’ lines.  This sort of authenticity comes from accuracy and authenticity in casting choices. The fact that Chris Sanders as direct/writer facilitated that does not mean he gets credit for the actors’ experience. This is why diversity and representation in media matters. Dude as a hawaiian, this is like straight up what my life as a kid was. My mom worked at those fakey luaus full time to pay rent. My mom is someone who is absolutely passionate and proud about being a hawaiian, living and teaching the ways our ancestors lived and taught. See, we Hawaiians, we live by the way of aloha. And not by the way of “hello” “goodbye”, let me educate you. As Pono Shim, CEO and President of Enterprise Honolulu, the Oahu Economic Development Board, states absolutely perfectly “aloha is to be in the presence of life, to share the essence of one’s being with openness, honesty, and humility. It is a way of being, a way of behaving, a way of life. It is a commitment to accepting others and giving dignity to who they are and what they have to offer.” Aloha is more than hello and goodbye. Think of aloha as an abbreviation. Akahai: meaning kindness Lokahi: meaning unity Olu’Olu’: meaning agreeableness Ha’aha’a: meaning humility Ahonui: meaning patience This is something we all need to live by, seriously, we all should the dropped sub-plot was that lilo hated tourists, which is why she goes around taking pictures of them like they were attractions instead of people; like how they took photos of locals similarly there was a deleted scene where she scares tourists off of a beach by sounding a false tsunami siren to watch them run screamingdeeper in the lore that kid thats a prick to her, mertyle, is the daughter of the person who runs the megamart and crushed a lot of other local businesses- when they have to do a hula to tell a story mertyle actually uses it to describe the low prices, where lilo does a hula about a traditional creation myth that was important to her mother. you may notice both lilo and nani are on first name basis with both the coffee shop owner and the fruitseller, there is big disparity between the locals and foreign interest businesses relegating them to just be tourist industry friendly reminder that lilo stitch is indisputably the best disney film
Children, Confused, and Family: Allie Jake MorganAshleySandy Brooke Pat fCoke Corey Jason priteShare Sam John Friends brandonsgame: otherwise-called-squidpope: mrscarstairs: Gather round children, whilst I tell you a little story. So I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist with my roommate, when I got thirsty and decided what the hell, Ima get myself a Coke. So I went down to the vending machine on our floor and swiped my card and pressed the button to vend the Coke. Well, TWO cokes popped out. Weird right? I looked around, wondering if I was on one of those punk’d shows, and grabbed both bottles. Suddenly, a loud thrumming came from the machine, and lo and behold, 6 MORE COKES CAME OUT. After checking my debit card statement, I found that I was only charged for ONE coke. Feeling giddy but slightly guilty, I nabbed all 8 bottles of coke and went back to my room. After telling my roommate what happened, she decided to go back to the coke machine with me and see if only the Cokes are affected. She bought two Sprites, and what the fuck do ya know, she got those damn Sprites, AS WELL AS 11 FREE COKES.  This of course jammed the machine, and before I knew it, I was on my knees with my arm up the Coke machine, practically birthing these little fuckers. I even read off their names on their bottles as I handed them to my roommate. We also found a random Cherry Coke had popped out as well. Behold our finished family. 19 cokes, 2 Sprites, and a Cherry Coke, all the result of a very overworked and confused Coke machine. what a sweet litter @xubbs
Donald Trump, New York, and News: BuzzFeed News REPORTING TO YOU Secret Files Show How Trump Moscow Talks Unfolded While Trump Heaped Praise On Putin Ahead of Michael Cohen's testimony, read the original paper trail behind the campaign to build Europe's tallest tower in Moscow- and how it played out alongside Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Azeen Ghorayshi BuzzFeed News Reporter Jason Leopold BuzzFeed News Reporter Anthony Cormier BuzzFeed News Reporter Enma Loop BuzzFeed News Reporter Posted on February 5, 2019, at 9:20 a.m. ET Very truly yours TRUM ACQU SUTION, LLO y: Name: Title: THE ABOVE ISKNOWLEDGED CONSENTED T ND AGREED TOB 1.C. EXPE STMENT COMP By: Andre Obtained by BuzzFeed News As a candidate, Donald Trump had a lot of praise for Vladimir Putin - and no business, he kept insisting, in Russia. These documents tell a different story October 11, 2015 Trump is asked about similarities with Putin I think that we are very different. I think that I would at the same time get along very well with him." October 28, 2015 A final version of the letter of intent gets the Russian developer's signature, along with Donald Trump's Very truly yours, TRUM ACQUSITION, LLC By: mc Title: November 3, 2015 THE ABOVE IS ACKNOWLEDGED, CONSENTED TO AND AGREED TO BY: I.C. EXPERT INVE ENT COMPANY y: Andre CEO TE HOUSE The day Trump signed the LOI was also the day of the third Republican primary debate The day after the countersigned letter of intent is circulated, Trump holds a press conference at Trump Tower in New York City T believe we will have a very good relationship with Russia.I believe that I will have a very good relationship with Putin Мария Бутина 11 июл 2015 Только что спросила кандидата в президенты США Дональда Трампа о его позиции в отношении России и санкций Трамп r。ворит о необходимости смягчения санкций, если будет избран. Вот вам и республиканцы, которые якобы против России Михаил Бутримов масонский круг США сам потом решит, смягчать ли или ужесточать. 11 июл 2015 Ответить rump Константин Николаевич пиздеть-не мешки ворочать 11 июл 2015 Ответить Виталий Фризен Трамп-барыга. Говорит одно, думает второе, делает третье. Таким как он веры нет. 11 июл 2015 Ответить Константин Тогай заигрывает. Понравилась наверное 11 июл 2015 Ответить Антон Карлович шнур-Выборы 2:15 11 июл 2015 Ответить Buzzfeed's new Trump Tower Moscow timeline missed my favourite bit of Putin-Praise : 11th July 2015, Freedomfest, Las Vegas

Buzzfeed's new Trump Tower Moscow timeline missed my favourite bit of Putin-Praise : 11th July 2015, Freedomfest, Las Vegas